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43852 Rev2:x 23/10/2009 13:52 Page 1  
Change display G:  
Every week, one bar will  
disappear to show the  
Place the filter kettle on the base  
unit, ensuring the kettle locates  
on to the 360° connector.  
BRITA filter cartridges conform  
to the highest quality standards.  
Raw materials and final  
remaining cartridge life. After  
four weeks, all four bars will  
disappear. This, and a flashing  
arrow, indicate that the  
cartridge should now be  
changed. Insert a new cartridge  
according to the instructions,  
and reactivate the Memo as  
described above.  
products are subject to stringent  
internal and external controls.  
BRITA filter cartridges are steam  
sterilised. An independent  
institute certifies the food grade  
quality of BRITA water filters and  
The 360° connector allows the  
kettle to be located at any  
position - ideal for left and right  
handed users and convenient  
positioning on a worktop.  
Plug in and switch on at the wall  
Great taste, less waste:  
Switch the kettle on.The kettle  
will illuminate internally.  
The BRITA MAXTRA cartridge is  
100% recyclable. Please contact  
BRITA customer care team for  
advice on recycling schemes on  
0844 742 4800, or visit  
When the water boils, the filter  
kettle will switch off  
automatically. H.  
If you are using the kettle for the  
first time, discard the water and  
repeat once more.  
To re-boil, switch to ON again. If  
the kettle has just switched off,  
wait a minute or so before  
BRITA Memo - the electronic  
cartridge exchange reminder  
has a life of approximately 5  
years. At the end of the Memo’s  
life, please remember that it is  
an electronic device and to  
dispose of the Memo according  
to all applicable provisions and  
regulations.To remove the  
switching it back on again.  
If you do not put in enough  
water, or switch on the filter  
kettle when it is empty, the  
safety cut-out will switch off the  
power automatically. If this  
happens, refill and wait a few  
minutes for the element to cool,  
then use as normal.  
Cleaning and  
exhausted Memo, place a  
screwdriver in the notch next to  
the Memo and push it out.  
Please note that Memo should  
not be removed for any other  
reason than to dispose of it.  
WARNING: Always disconnect  
the plug from the mains and  
allow the appliance to cool  
before cleaning.  
Lift the filter kettle from the base  
unit by the handle, ensuring you  
hold the kettle level.  
Wipe the outside with a damp  
More information on the use of  
BRITA filter cartridges and the  
BRITA Memo can be found in  
the BRITA information guide  
supplied with the kettle.  
WARNING: Unless the  
cartridge holder is fitted  
correctly, the filter kettle may  
not operate correctly and the  
lid may not close and lock  
IMPORTANT: Do not use  
abrasive cleaners on the outside  
of the appliance,  
as they may scratch the surface.  
Telephone our replacement  
parts helpline for your new  
BRITA Memo.  
If you have any difficulty with  
your appliance, do not hesitate  
to call. We are more likely to be  
able to help than the store  
where you bought it.  
You do not need to wait until the  
water has filtered through before  
boiling.Your Morphy Richards  
filter kettle will boil and filter at  
the same time, giving you boiled  
BRITA filtered water quickly.  
This depends on water quality  
and the improvement required.  
We recommend that you change  
your cartridge after 4 weeks.  
If you require assistance on  
using your BRITA MAXTRA filter  
cartridge or BRITA Memo,  
please call BRITA Customer  
Care team on the telephone  
number below  
Boil only as much water as you  
need, as this saves electricity.  
The electronic reminder on your  
Morphy Richards water filter  
kettle will remind you when to  
change your cartridge.  
UK Helpline 0844 871 0954 Replacement Parts 0844 873 0720 Ireland Helpline 1800 409 119  

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