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Assembly and Instruction Sheet  
for 30” Round Fireplace  
Models 5056-707 & 5059A700  
Outdoor use only. Never use in enclosed area. Use in unventilated areas  
will endanger your life.  
• Keep away from all combustible materials including gasoline and other  
flammable liquids and vapors.  
Use on a level, noncombustible surface only. Keep away from house,  
garage, balconies, or eave overhangs.  
Keep out of the reach of children.  
Be sure screen is in place while in use and do not use in windy conditions.  
Do not overfill firebowl or use to burn leaves and trash.  
Exercise the same care you would with an open fire.  
Never leave unit unattended when hot or in use.  
Completely extinguish fire before leaving.  
Use gloves when handling or moving. Ashes can remain warm for a long  
time after extinguishing.  
Dispose of cold ashes properly.  
Do not modify in any way nor use with parts not expressly approved by  
Combustion by-products produced when using this product contain  
chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects,  
or other reproductive harm.  
Follow these instructions for assembly and read carefully, particularly the  
safety statements. The safety alert symbol,  
is a universally recognized  
symbol used to identify safety information about hazards that can result in  
personal injury. When this symbol is used you should pay very close  
attention to what is written. Review these instructions before beginning  
assembly or using your fireplace.  
Contact local authorities regarding possible burn restrictions before using product.  
Fireplace Parts Check List  
Assembly (cont.)  
Check package for all parts needed for assembly.  
3. Place Firebowl Support Ring on top of Leg Brackets as shown. Attach  
1. Protective Cover  
2. Firebowl  
3. Leg Support Ring  
4. Firebowl Support Ring  
5. Leg Brackets  
6. Screen Lifting Tool  
7. Screen Assembly  
8. Hardware Kit w/Handle  
9. Grate  
with screws. Hand tighten.  
Firebowl Support Ring  
Align holes  
Leg Bracket  
4. Tighten all screws in Leg Support Ring and Firebowl Support Ring.  
Check all items for shipping damage. Call Coleman at 1-800-835-3278 or  
TDD: 316-832-8707 if you have any problems.  
Carefully unpack all parts from shipping box.  
Assemble Leg Brackets to Leg Support Ring as shown. Attach with  
screws. Hand tighten.  
Leg Support  
(continued on other side)  

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