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Lit. #: 63-0182/03-01  
Congratulations, you now have one of the most advanced  
spotting/field telescopes in the world. The Spacemaster  
has a 60mm diameter objective lens with fully coated  
optics for the brightest possible image.  
In addition, if you have purchased the SPacemaster  
EDPrime, #78-2000, you have the finest telescope that  
Bushnell has ever manufactured.  
The Spacemaster  
EDPrime is designed to give superior color correction  
through the use of an advanced, Extra Low Dispersion  
objective lens system.  
The focusing system is easy and accurate. Grasp the  
telescope with you thumb under the rear of the scope.  
Rotate the focus wheel until the image seems to be in  
sharp, crisp focus. This is all there is to it, there is no need  
to overshoot or hunt for the correct focus. Once the image  
appears sharp, stop focusing–the image is in the best focus  
minimum eye strain.  
Your Spacemaster is equipped with a “peep sight.” Look  
into the rear aperture–Located just above the  
eyepiece–and focus on the “target.” Center the object of  
interest in the field of view. Look through the eyepiece--  
there it is!  
The Spacemaster Kit comes complete with a zoom eyepiece  
which is also available separately. This eyepiece gives a  
magnification range of 15 to 45 power. To change  
magnification, grasp and rotate the “rubber” knurled  
band near the end--eye lens--of the eyepiece. The  
magnification set will appear in a window in the barrel of  
the eyepiece next to the “ body” of the telescope. It may  
be necessary to refocus the telescope after changing  
magnification, especially when going from 15 to 45 power.  

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