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Basic Connections  
Connecting to the AC Outlet  
Since the AKJ780E contains built-in power amplifiers, speakers, DVD/CDG/CD player, USB player, and SD  
card player, the AKJ780E can be used as a self-contained sound system. Furthermore, the AKJ780E contains  
various audio video outputs to allow the AKJ780E to be connected to multiple TV sets, external sound  
systems, and/or multiple sound effect devices. The following content demonstrates the procedures for  
connecting the AKJ780E to the AC outlet and other audio video devices.  
To power the AKJ780E  
What you will need  
AC power cord (included)  
Fig. A]  
Surge-protector (recommended) or a power outlet  
Note: Before turning on the power make sure the red voltage selector [Fig. A] under  
the AC input is set to the proper voltage. It should be set to 115V for North America  
and 230V for most European countries. Make sure you know the proper voltage for  
your region before turning on the AKJ780E.  
.Connect the AC end of the power cord into the AC input on the rear panel of the AKJ780E  
.Connect the other end to a surge-protector or available power outlet  
Connecting to an Audio Mixer or TV with RCA Audio Inputs  
What you will need  
using 1 RCA L/R (red & white) stereo RCA cable (included)  
using two XLR-type audio cables(not included)  
using two ¼-inch audio cables (not included).  
using three ¼-inch stereo audio cables (not included).  
using one audio amplifier with XLR audio inputs.  
using one audio amplifier with ¼-inch audio inputs.  
using 1 audio mixer or TV with RCA audio inputs  
.Audio Output 1 & 2 Connections:  
Connect one end of the L/R (red & white) RCA cable to the red  
and white audio outputs labeled  
AUDIO OUTPUT 1 & 2 on the rear panel of the AKJ780E.  
Connect the other end of the L/R (red & white) RCA cable to  
the audio input on an audio mixer or TV.  
.Balanced Audio Output Connections:  
Connect one end of the XLR cables to the left and right BALANCED AUDIO OUTPUT jacks on the AKJ780E.  
Connect one end of the XLR cables to the left and right AUDIO/LINE/AUX INPUT jacks on the external device.  

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