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Descriptions and Functions  
Front Panel  
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L R  
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3.AUDIO button - Cycles through caption languages on a disc with multiple caption languages available.  
4. PBC button- The PBC (play back control) button toggles the PBC mode ON/OFF. When in PBC mode,  
you can use direct access to tracks/scenes by using the NUMBER PAD on the REMOTE CONTROL. This  
feature is used primarily with VCD discs.  
Note: Not all discs have PBC support coding. Check to make sure a disc has PBC support before trying  
to use the feature. Pressing the PBC button during the playback of a track/scene will cause the playback  
to stop and restart.  
5.PREV and NEXT buttons - Skip tracks when in DISC mode (jump to the previous track or skip ahead  
to the next track).  
6.B-SCAN and F-SCAN buttons - Scans through a track when in DISC mode.B-Scan scans backwards  
through the current track and F-Scan scans forwards through the current track.  
7.STOP button - Stops disc playback in standby mode when pressed once and completely stops  
disc playback when pressed twice.  
8.REPEAT button - Cycles through the available repeat options. Repeat options vary from type of disc  
so see the Operations section (page 19) of this manual for detailed instructions on using the repeat function for  
every kind of disc.  
9.MUTE button - Mutes the sound from Disc/USB/SD, AV1, AV2 and AV3 input channels.  
0.EQ ON/OFF switch - This switch is used to turn the 7-band graphic equalizer ON and OFF. Press the  
EQ switch in to activate the equalizer. In the out position, the equalizer is bypassed.  
1.PLAY/PAUSE button - Plays a disc that is stopped or paused .  
2.HEADPHONES jack- This jack is used to connect HEADPHONES equipped with a 1/4 inch plug.  
3.AV3 INPUT jacks - These jacks are for connecting AUDIO/VIDEO OUTPUT from an external AV  
SOURCE. Connect RCA-style AV cables from these jacks to the AV OUTPUT jacks on your external AV device.  
4. SD MEMORY CARD Slot- The SD memory card slot accepts SD memory card formats. Media stored  
on a loaded memory card can be played.  
5.USB INPUT - Use the USB input to connect a USB thumb drive to the unit. media stored on the USB  
thumb drive can be played.  
6.DIGITAL KEY CONTROL buttons - These buttons direct the DIGITAL KEY CONTROLLER to either raise,  
lower or reset the musical key of audio from the disc player.  
# - Raises the musical key a quarter-step each time this button is pressed.  
- Resets the musical key to its original key.  
b - Lowers the musical key a quarter-step each time this button is pressed.  
Note: This feature is not applicable to the AUX inputs, AV1/AV2/AV3.  

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