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35.292.967….ZWF1021-1221.qxd 13/04/2005 17:57 Página10  
Start the new programme by depressing the  
start pause” button.  
Before you start the programme, if you wish to delay  
the start, press the Delay Start button repeatedly, to  
select the desired delay. The relevant light illuminates.  
. Select the Delay Start  
9. Interrupting a programme  
Depress the Start/Pause button to interrupt a programme  
which is running, the corresponding light starts to flash.  
Depress the button again to restart the programme.  
2 H  
8 H  
4 H  
10.Cancelling a programme  
Turn the selector dial to O to cancel a programme which  
is running. Now you can select a new programme.  
1.Opening the door after the  
Before starting up the machine check that:  
. Start the programme  
programme has started  
First set the machine to PAUSE by pressing the  
Start/Pause button.  
If the door does not open in 2 minutes, this means that  
the machine is already heating, that the water level is  
above the bottom edge of the door or that the drum is  
If you cannot open the door but you need to open it you  
have to switch the machine off by turning the selector dial  
to “O”. After about 2 minutes the door can be opened  
(pay attention to the water level and temperature!).  
the appliance is plugged in  
the water supply tap is turned on  
the drain hose is correctly and securely positioned  
the door and the detergent dispenser drawer are  
To start the selected programme, press the Start/Pause  
button; the corresponding light stops flashing.  
The “Washing” light illuminates.  
The machine starts operating.  
12.At the end of the programme  
The machine stops automatically.  
If the RINSE HOLD option has been selected, the  
start pause” light goes off, the phase light “End”  
illuminates and the door is blocked to indicate that the  
water must be emptied out before opening the door.  
To do this first turn the programme selector dial to “O”  
and then to drain programme  
or spin programme  
If you have chosen a delayed start, the machine will  
begin the countdown.  
Reduce the spin speed if needed, by using the spin  
speed selector dial.  
Release of the lock is also indicated by the coming on of  
the “End” light.  
. Altering an option or a  
Turn the programme selector dial to “O” to switch the  
machine off. Remove the laundry from the drum and  
carefully check that the drum is empty.  
running programme  
It is possible to change any option before the  
programme carries it out.  
Before you make any change, you must pause the  
washing machine by pressing the Start/Pause button.  
If you do not intend to carry out another wash, close the  
water tap. Leave the door open to prevent the formation  
of mildew and unpleasant smells.  
Changing a running programme is possible only by  
resetting it. Turn the programme selector dial to “O”  
and then to the new programme position. The washing  
water in the tub will not emptied out .  

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