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35.292.967….ZWF1021-1221.qxd 13/04/2005 17:57 Página 4  
Your New Washing Machine  
Your new washing machine meets all modern requirements for effective treatment of laundry  
with low water, energy and detergent consumption.  
The programme selector dial combines the  
function of programme and temperature selection,  
making it easier to set the programme.  
In the interest  
of the environment  
The programme progress display shows the delay  
start, the functioning of the machine and the end of  
the programme .  
Materials marked with the symbol  
Check with your local Council or Environmental  
Health Office to see if there are facilities in your area  
for re-cycling this appliance.  
The special wool programme with its new delicate  
wash system treats your woollens with extreme care.  
The ECO VALVE allows total use of detergent and  
reduces water consumption so saving energy.  
When the appliance is to be scrapped, cut off the  
power supply cable and make the door lock device  
unusable to prevent young children from being  
trapped inside.  
Ecological hints  
To save water and energy and help protect the  
environment, we recommend that you follow these  
Help to keep your country tidy - use authorised  
disposal sites for your old appliance.  
The symbol  
on the product or on its packaging  
Adjust the quantity of detergent according to the  
hardness of your water supply, the amount of  
laundry and the degree of soiling.  
indicates that this product may not be treated as  
household waste. Instead it shall be handed over to  
the applicable collection point for the recycling of  
electrical and electronic equipment. By ensuring this  
product is disposed of correctly, you will help  
prevent potential negative consequences for the  
environment and human health, which could  
otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste handling  
of this product. For more detailed information about  
recycling of this product, please contact your local  
city office, your household waste disposal service or  
the shop where you purchased the product.  
A programme without prewash is sufficient for  
normally soiled laundry.  
The machine works more economically if it is fully  
With adequate pre-treatment, stains and limited  
soiling can be removed; the laundry can then be  
washed at a lower temperature, so saving energy.  
How do we help to protect the environment?  
We use recycled paper!  
Your machine is fitted with a balance control device, which ensures the machine is stable during the spin.  
If the wash load appears not to have been spun sufficiently at the end of the wash cycle, because it is not evenly  
distributed in the drum, the balance control device may have operated. It will therefore be necessary to redistribute the  
wash load manually and select a spin programme. For more detailed information see the section headed "Something  
Not Working".  

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