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Reconnecting the Axim Wireless Keyboard  
The above steps establish the Bluetooth wireless connection and bonding between the  
Pocket PC device and the keyboard for the first time. Keyboard character input should  
be enabled as long as the connection is maintained.  
Despite a high degree of reliability, the Bluetooth connection could break for many  
When the keyboard cover is closed, the keyboard circuit will be powered off, and the  
Bluetooth connection will be lost.  
As a power saving feature, the keyboard will be automatically powered down after  
an idle period (when there is no activity for approximately 3 minutes).  
When the Pocket PC device is turned off, the established Bluetooth connection will  
be lost.  
When the Pocket PC device and the keyboard are moved away from each other  
beyond the wireless range (~10m), the previously established connection is lost.  
When any of these conditions occurs, the connection will  
be lost and the software will switch to waiting mode. To  
restore the connection, make sure the keyboard and  
Pocket PC device are powered on and in range, then tap  
any key on the keyboard. See Reconnecting in  
Unsecured Mode for further details. The connection  
should be reestablished within 2-3 seconds but this may  
be delayed if the Bluetooth system on the Pocket PC  
device is busy. For example, after the Pocket PC device  
is powered on, it may take 10 or more seconds for the  
Bluetooth system to re-initialize.  
NOTE: Do not press <Ctrl> Left <Fn> Right <Fn>  
together. This will break the bond between the keyboard  
and the Pocket PC device. If this happens, you will have  
to establish a new connection as described above.  
Even when disconnected, the Pocket PC device and the keyboard remain bonded. The  
keyboard will only reconnect to the bonded Pocket PC device and the Pocket PC device  
will only listen to the bonded keyboard. To break the bond press <Ctrl> Left <Fn> Right  
Fn> for approximately 1 second or until the green LED flashes quickly. Normally the  
bond will not need to be broken unless the keyboard will be used with another Pocket  
PC device or another keyboard will be used with the Pocket PC device. Therefore,  
please avoid pressing <Ctrl> Left <Fn> Right <Fn> during normal operation. If this has  
happened, you will have to establish a new connection as described in the Configuring  
the Keyboard to Your Pocket PC Device section above.  
Axim Wireless Keyboard Owner’s Manual  
Page 10  

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