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the user can select different settings, but in most cases monitor installation is automatic.  
LCD Monitor Quality & Pixel Policy  
During the LCD Monitor manufacturing process, it is not uncommon for one or more pixels to become fixed in an unchanging state. The visible result is a fixed  
pixel that appears as an extremely tiny dark or bright discolored spot. When the pixel remains permanently lit, it is known as a "bright dot." When the pixel  
remains black, it is known as a "dark dot."  
In almost every case, these fixed pixels are hard to see and do not detract from display quality or usability. A display with 1 to 5 fixed pixels is considered  
Maintenance Guidelines  
Caring for Your Monitor  
CAUTION: Read and follow the Safety Instructions before cleaning the  
CAUTION: Before cleaning the monitor, unplug the monitor from the electrical  
For best practices, follow the instructions in the list below while unpacking, cleaning, or handling your monitor:  
To clean your antistatic screen, lightly dampen a soft, clean cloth with water. If possible, use a special screen-cleaning tissue or solution suitable for the  
antistatic coating. Do not use benzene, thinner, ammonia, abrasive cleaners, or compressed air.  
Use a lightly-dampened,ꢀwarmꢀclothꢀtoꢀcleanꢀtheꢀmonitor.ꢀAvoidꢀusingꢀdetergentꢀofꢀanyꢀkindꢀasꢀsomeꢀdetergentsꢀleaveꢀaꢀmilkyꢀfilmꢀonꢀtheꢀmonitor.ꢀꢀ  
If you notice a white powder when you unpack your monitor, wipe it off with a cloth.  
Handleꢀyourꢀꢀmonitorꢀwithꢀcareꢀasꢀdark-colored monitors may scratch and show white scuff marks more than lighter-coloredꢀmonitors.ꢀꢀ  
To help maintain the best image quality on your monitor, use a dynamically changing screen saver and turn off your monitor when not in use.  
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