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Adjusting the Air Flow Direction Horizontally  
Depending on the position of the unit in your room, you can adjust the  
orientation of the inner air flow blades on the right-hand side of the  
unit, thus increasing the efficiency of the air conditioner.  
Set the air flow blade swing switch to the on position.  
Result: The inner blades swing automatically left and right.  
To stop the blades moving left and right, set the air flow blade swing  
switch to the off position.  
To stop the blades in a specific position and orient the air flow in  
the corresponding direction, simply set the switch to the off  
position when the blades are in the desired position.  
Adjusting the Air Flow Direction Vertically  
Again depending on the position of the unit in your room, you can adjust the  
orientation of the outer air flow blades on the right-hand side of the unit.  
Adjust the blades to face...  
Adjust the air flow blades to the desired position, by pushing them  
upwards or downwards.  
If you orient the air flow blades downwards and the unit operates  
in Cool mode for long periods of time, dew may:  
Form on the surface of the blades  
Drip from the blades  
Temperature and Humidity Ranges  
The following table indicates the temperature and humidity ranges  
within which the air conditioner can be used.  
Indoor Temperature  
Indoor Humidity  
21 C to 32 C approx.  
21 C to 43 C approx.  
80% or less  
If the air conditioner is used at...  
Higher temperature  
The automatic protection feature may be triggered  
and the air conditioner stopped.  
Lower temperature  
A water leakage or some other malfunction may happen  
if the heat exchanger freezes.  
Higher humidity levels  
Water may condense on and drip from the surface of the unit  
if it is used for long periods.  

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