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Safety and Troubleshooting Information  
Do not store or use the LCD monitor in locations exposed to heat, direct sunlight or  
extreme cold.  
In order to maintain the best performance of your monitor and use it for a longer lifetime,  
please use the monitor in a location that falls within the following temperature and  
humidity ranges.  
Temperature: 0-40°C 32-95°F  
ꢀ❍ Humidity: 20-80% RH  
IMPORTANT: Always activate a moving screen saver program when you leave your  
monitor unattended. Always activate a periodic screen refresh application if your LCD  
monitor will display unchanging static content. Uninterrupted display of still or static  
images over an extended period may cause burn in, also known as after-imagingor  
ghost imaging, on your screen. "Burn-in", "after-imaging", or "ghost imaging" is a well-  
known phenomenon in LCD panel technology. In most cases, the burned inor after-  
imagingor ghost imagingwill disappear gradually over a period of time after the power  
has been switched off.  
WARNING: Severeburn-inor after-imageor ghost imagesymptoms will not  
disappear and cannot be repaired. The damage mentioned above is not covered under  
your warranty.  
The casing cover should be opened only by qualified service personnel.  
If there is any need for any document for repair or integration, please contact with your  
local service center. (please refer to the chapter of "Consumer Information Center")  
For transportation information, please refer to "Physical Specifications".  
Do not leave your monitor in a car/trunk under direct sun light.  
Consult a service technician if the monitor does not operate normally, or you are  
not sure what procedure to take when the operating instructions given in this  
manual have been followed.  
file:///E|/LCD%20Monitor%20OEM/Philips/M1-project/240S1-240S1-plus/24...U/5B.0V701.001/CD-Contents/lcd/manual/ENGLISH/240S1/safety/safety.htm 第 2 頁 / 2 [98-06-05 10:43]  

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