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Printing One Image  
Check that the printer is ready for printing.  
The “Connecting” screen appears.  
Operation Manual  
Press the ADJ. button.  
The “Connecting” screen appears. When the connection between the printer  
and the camera is established, the Direct Print playback mode screen appears.  
For some printers, the “Connecting” screen automatically appears before you  
press the ADJ. button.  
How to Use the Direct Print Function)  
For general functions and operations of the camera, refer to the "Quick  
Start Guide" (printed manual) that came with your camera and the "Oper-  
ation Manual" (PDF file).  
The LCD monitor displays the last image you shot.  
Press the #$ buttons to select an image for printing.  
Press the ADJ. button.  
For safe use of the camera, be sure to read the Safety Precautions thoroughly before  
putting the camera into use.  
Press the $button to select [1 FILE].  
The images used in this guide are not taken with this camera. They are just samples for  
PictBridge is a registered trademark.  
About the Direct Print Function  
The Direct Print standard enables direct printing from a camera to a  
printer, by connecting them via a USB cable. Photos can be printed  
quickly and easily from your digital camera without using a computer.  
Press the Obutton.  
The Direct Print menu appears.  
You cannot the print movies (.AVI) with the function. For still images with sounds (.JPG  
and .WAV), only the still images (.JPG) are printed.  
Press the !" buttons to select an item, and then press the $  
button to display the detailed options screen.  
This camera uses PictBridge, an industry standard for Direct Printing.  
Your printer must be PictBridge compliant to use the Direct Print function. For support  
information, see the documentation that came with the printer.  
Some printers can print text (.TIF) as well as still images (.JPG). For details, see the  
documentation that came with the printer.  
Directly the camera connect to  
a printer via the USB cable  
The following items are available:  
Item Name  
Sending Images to a Printer for Printing  
Sets the paper size.  
Sets the paper type.  
You can send images from the camera to a PictBridge compliant printer  
to print them. Images are sent from the internal memory when no SD  
memory card is loaded or from an SD memory card when one is installed.  
The following three kinds of direct printing are supported:  
Sets the number of images printed on a sheet of paper.  
Selects whether to print the date. The date format can be  
set using the date/time option in the Setup Mode.  
Selects whether to print the file name.  
Selects whether to optimize the image data prior to print-  
Printing one image  
Printing all images from the camera  
Printing several selected images  
ing on the printer.  
Do not disconnect the USB cable during printing.  
The items available vary depending on the functions of the printer.  
If there are no options available for an item, the detailed options screen does not  
appear even if you press the $button. Also, items that are not available on the printer  
do not appear.  
If a printer error message appears during transmission, check the condition of the printer,  
and take the appropriate action.  
To print images using the printer's default settings, select Printer Setting on the detailed  
options screen.  
Press the Obutton.  
Connecting the Camera to a Printer  
Connect your camera to a printer using the USB cable provided.  
The display returns to the Direct Print menu.  
Press the Obutton.  
Check that the camera power is off.  
The image is sent to the printer and the “Connecting” screen appears.  
Check that the printer power is off.  
Load paper into the printer and check that the printer is ready to print.  
Connect one end of the USB cable provided to the USB port of  
your printer.  
Connect the other end of the USB cable to the USB terminal on  
your camera.  
The camera power automatically turns on.  
Turn the printer power on.  
Press the Mbutton to cancel.  
To disconnect the camera from the printer, check that the power of both units is off before  
disconnecting the USB cable between them.  
At the end of transmission, the display returns to the Direct Print playback  
mode screen and printing starts.  

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