User manual Samsung PL151

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Quick reference  
Taking photos of people  
Taking photos of text, insects, or  
tꢀ smode > Close Up, Text f 30  
tꢀ Macro, Auto Macro (to take close-up photos) f 47  
tꢀ White Balance (to change the color tone) f 55  
tꢀ Viewing files by category in  
Smart Album f 63  
tꢀ Deleting all files on the  
memory card f 65  
tꢀ Viewing files as a slide show  
f 67  
tꢀ Viewing files on a TV or HDTV  
f 75  
tꢀ Connecting your camera to a  
computer f 77  
tꢀ Adjusting sound and volume  
f 86  
tꢀ Adjusting the brightness of  
the display f 86  
tꢀ Changing the display  
language f 86  
tꢀ smode > Portrait f 30  
tꢀ bmode f 32  
tꢀ Self-portrait mode f 37  
tꢀ Children mode f 38  
tꢀ Couple mode f 38  
tꢀ Red-eye, Red-eye Fix (to prevent or correct red-eye)  
f 45  
tꢀ Face Detection f 50  
Adjusting the exposure (brightness)  
tꢀ ISO speed (to adjust the sensitivity to light) f 46  
tꢀ EV (to adjust exposure) f 54  
tꢀ ACB (to compensate for subjects against bright  
backgrounds) f 54  
tꢀ Metering f 55  
tꢀ AEB (to take three photos of the same scene with  
different exposures) f 57  
Taking photos at night or in the dark  
tꢀ smode > Sunset, Dawn, Fireworks f 30  
tꢀ N mode f 31  
tꢀ Flash options f 45  
tꢀ Setting the date and time  
f 87  
tꢀ Formatting the memory card  
f 87  
tꢀ ISO speed (to adjust the sensitivity to light) f 46  
Applying a different effect  
Taking action photos  
tꢀ Troubleshooting f 96  
tꢀ Photo styles (to apply tones) f 58  
tꢀ Smart filter effects f 59  
tꢀ Image adjustment (to adjust saturation, sharpness, or  
contrast) f 60  
tꢀ Continuous, Motion Capture f 57  
Reducing camera shake  
tꢀ Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) f 24  
tꢀ dmode f 33  

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