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CAUTION indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not  
avoided, may result in a minor or moderate injury.  
007 Systemchart  
007 Package Contents  
07 Sold Separately  
08 Identificationoffeatures  
åLeaking, overheating or damaged battery could result in fire or injury.  
Use battery with the correct specification for the camera.  
Do not short circuit, heat or dispose of battery in fire.  
Do not insert the battery with the polarities reversed.  
Front & Top  
5 Function button  
Self-timer lamp  
Camera Status Lamp  
Mode icon  
åRemove the battery when not planning to use the camera for a  
long period of time. Otherwise the battery may leak corrosive  
electrolyte and permanently damage the camera’s components.  
åDo not fire the flash while it is in contact with hands or objects. Do  
not touch the flash after using it continuously. It may cause burns.  
åDo not move the camera while it is switched on if you are using  
the AC adapter. After use, always switch off the camera before  
unplugging the cable from the wall socket. Then make sure that  
any connector cords or cables to other devices are disconnected  
before moving the camera. Failure to do so may damage the cords  
or cables and cause a fire or electric shock.  
12 Connectingtoapowersource  
15 Insertingthememorycard  
16 Instructionsonhowtousethememory  
018 Whenusingthecameraforthefirsttime  
åTake care not to touch the lens or lens cover to avoid taking an  
unclear image and possibly causing camera malfunction.  
åAvoid obstructing the lens or the flash when you capture an image.  
åWhen using this camera in low temperatures, you may experience  
the following. These are not camera malfunctions and usually  
recover at normal temperature.  
19 LCDmonitorindicator  
20 Howtousethemenu  
21 Startingtherecordingmode  
It takes longer to turn on the LCD monitor and the color may differ  
from the subject.  
Selecting modes  
When changing the composition, there may be an after image on  
the LCD monitor.  
How to use the Smart Auto mode  
How to use the Program mode  
How to use the DIS mode  
Using the Photo Help Guide mode  
How to use the Scene modes  
åCredit cards may be demagnetized if left near the case. Avoid  
leaving magnetic strip cards near the case.  
åNever connect the 20 pin connector to the USB port of a PC. This  
carries a high risk of computer malfunction.  

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