User manual Airlink101 SkyIPCam 650 AICAP650

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4. Camera Lens  
To adjust the focus of the lens, turn the lens slowly in either clockwise or counter-  
clockwise direction until the image is in focus. DO NOT overturn the lens in either  
5. Flash LED  
The Flash LED allows you to capture video images even in dark environments. You can  
turn on the flash light from the Web Configuration Utility.  
6. USB Port  
The USB port allows you to expand the storage medium by connecting a USB storage  
device via the USB port. Please refer to Section 7.6.2 Security Setting for information  
about storing image files to the USB device via motion sensor triggers and/or via  
scheduled settings. You can click on the Log Display sub-menu to monitor any activity  
for the USB port. The Camera will stop the storage and activate the buzzer when the  
USB storage device has less than 5% of remaining free space.  
The STATUS LED indicates the configuration status with:  
Green light flashing: The camera is powered on and functions in normal mode.  
Orange-Red light flashing: Indicates the camera cannot access DHCP within the  
. Privacy Mode Button  
Press this button to enter into Privacy Mode. The camera stops monitoring in this mode.  
Also, you can safely remove the USB storage device from the USB port by pressing and  
holding this button for 5 seconds until the camera activates the buzzer.  
9. LAN Port  
This RJ-45 connector is used to connect the 10Base-T Ethernet or 100Base-TX Fast  
Ethernet network cable (which should be Category 5 twisted-pair cable). The port  
supports the NWay protocol, allowing the camera to automatically detect or negotiate  
the transmission speed of the network.  
10. DC Power Connector  
The DC power input is labeled DC 5V with a single jack socket to supply power to the  
camera. Power will be generated when the power supply is connected to a wall outlet.  
11. Camera Stand  
The camera stand allows you to place the camera on a flat surface instead of hanging  
on the wall or installing on a tripod.  

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