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About Built-in Rechargeable Battery  
Precautions related to battery recharge  
Video CD  
Depending on the material on the disc (a movie, video clips, a  
drama series, etc.) these discs may have one or more Tracks, and  
tracks may have one or more indexes, as indicated on the disc  
case.To make access easy and convenient, your player lets you move between  
tracks and between indexes.  
Once the battery is fully discharged, immediately recharge it (regardless of  
whether you plan to use the battery or not) in order to maximize the battery  
Audio CD / MP3 CD  
Audio CDs / MP3-CD contain music tracks only. You can play  
them in the conventional way through a stereo system using the  
keys on the remote control and/or main unit, or via the TV using  
the On Screen Display (OSD).  
To charge the battery, please directly connect this DVD player to AC mains  
and the recharge indicator will turn on.  
Using and maintaining your rechargeable batteries  
About DivX  
Please make sure you always use only the AC adapter included with the  
player to recharge your batteries.  
DivX is a popular media technology created by DivX, Inc. DivX media files  
contain highly compressed video with high visual quality that maintains a  
relatively samll file size. DivX files can also include advanced  
media features like menus, subtitles, and alternate audio  
tracks. Many DivX media files are available for download  
online, and you can create your own using your personal  
content and easy-to-use tools from  
Recharge efficiency will degrade whoen the environmental temperature drops  
below 50 F (10 C) or exceed 95 F (35 C).  
The lasting time of the fully charged battery when a headphone is connected  
to the DVD payer is approximately 2.5 hours.  
Zero Bright Dot  
Enjoy highest-quality images that are free from annoying blank spots on the LCD  
screen. LCD displays commonly have imperfections, termed as  
Playable disc formats  
bright dots' by the LCD industry. A limited number of bright dots  
were once considered an inevitable side effect of LCD mass  
In addition to DVD-Video disc, you will also be able to play all Video CDs and  
audio CDs (including CDR, CDRW,DVD±R and DVR±RW).  
production. With Philips' strict quality control procedures used in  
our Portable DVD Players, our LCD displays are produced with  
zero tolerance for bright dots. Select Portable DVD Players come with Philips Zero  
Bright Dot Policy to guarantee optimal screen quality.  
Depending on the material on the disc (a movie, video clips, a  
drama series, etc.) these discs may have one or more Titles,  
and each Title may have one or more Chapters. To make access  
easy and convenient, your player lets you move between  
Titles, and also between Chapters.  
Warranty service varies from region to region. Contact your local Philips  
representative for more detailed information.  
About SD Memory Card  
SD Memory Card is a slim and compact bridge media linking various kinds of  
digital equipment through its easy connectivity. The card's control circuitry allows  
data to be read and written (in its protection area) only when appropriate external  
devices are detected. Using decoder software, an SD Memory  
Card-compatible device can play music, video clips and more  
without a drive mechanism like those in CD and DVD players.  
CD with JPEG files  
You can also view JPEG still photos on this player.  
Remove the battery if the remote control is not to be used for a long time.  
Perchlorate Material - special handling may apply. See  
SD/MMC card slot  
You can play video/audio/picture files stored in  
an SD/MMC card by inserting it into the  
SD/MMC CARD slot.  
On the DVD player panel, press the SOURCE  
key repeatedly (or SD/MMC CARD on the  
Connecting headphones  
Connect the headphones into the n1 or the n2  
jack of your set.  
Make sure the metal contact of the card to be inserted is facing down.  
Connecting additional equipment  
Dock for iPod  
You can dock your iPod player for playback of stored files and recharging.  
Only 30G, 60G and 80G iPod players with video are supported.  
Turn off your set before connecting to any  
additional equipment.  
You can connect the player to a TV or an amplifier  
to enjoy DVDs or karaoke.  
Pull out the iPod connector.  
Dock your iPod player with the top entering first.  
Push in the iPod connector.  
Connect the desired device to this terminal directly as  
On the DVD player panel, press the source key  
repeatedly (AV on the remote) to select A/V IN (AUX).  
Audio (Left)  
Audio (right)  

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