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User Manual for Philips DVD737 upgrade disc  
Before you upgrade  
This software can be used to upgrade Philips  
DVD737 DVD-player to the latest status. After  
you have completed the upgrade procedure,  
your DVD-player will typically perform better.  
What improvements are made depends on the  
upgrade software you’re using as well as the  
software that your DVD-player contained before  
the upgrade.  
It may be useful to write down the system  
version information of your DVD-player before  
you start the upgrade procedure, in case you  
need to call service.  
Press SYSTEM MENU on the remote control  
¾ SETUP MENU window appears  
Press (stop).  
Followed by (previous).  
Followed by (next).  
The software version will appear on the left  
bottom corner of the SETUP MENU window.  
Tools Required  
You will need the following items:  
a personal computer  
a CD-R/RW drive and writing application  
a blank CD-R or CD-RW disc  
DVD737 Software upgrade procedure  
NOTE: Do not press any button and unplug  
the mains during upgrade.  
How to download the software to your  
Connect the mains cord to the power plug.  
Press STANDBY-ON button on the front panel  
or POWER button on the remote control  
to activate the player.  
Right mouse button click on the file and click  
Save Target As…’ to save the file into your PC.  
Press OPEN/CLOSE to open the disc tray.  
Insert the upgrade CD-R disc, label side up.  
Press OPEN/CLOSE to close the disc tray.  
NOTE: Please do not rename the original  
filename, ‘dvd737.rom’.  
First ‘READING’ appears on the display,  
followed by ‘UPGRADE’. This stage of the  
procedure takes less than 2 minutes.  
How to make an upgrade disc  
Write the downloaded file onto a blank CD-R or  
CD-RW disc, using the following settings:  
If the software was successfully  
downloaded, the display will show  
File System CD-ROM ISO Level 2  
Mode 1/2/XA  
Character set ISO 9660  
Finalised, single session  
Write speed low  
DONE’ within a few seconds.  
NOTE: If the display shows ‘FAIL’, please  
refer to Philips Service Center.  
When the upgrade is completed the tray will  
open automatically.  
Finalised the disc. (The application may do this  
Remove the disc immediately.  
NOTE: Packet writing application for drag &  
drop copying cannot be used for  
creating an upgrade disc. Use only a  
dedicated CD writing application  
allowing ‘disc at once’ recording.  
No UDF setting as well.  
Unplug the mains cord from the power plug.  
Reconnect the mains cord to the power plug.  
Press STANDBY-ON button on the front panel  
the player.  
POWER on remote control to power up  
The player functions as normal.  

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