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The following items may have to be set in Initial  
Menu bar operation  
A number of operations can be carried out via the menu  
bar on the screen.The menu bar can be accessed by  
pressing any of the following keys on the remote control:  
MENU OSD,T-C,Angle,Audio Language, Subtitle Language  
and Zoom.  
Menu language  
You can choose from different languages.The On Screen  
Menus will be displayed in the language you choose.  
Audio language  
Pressing MENU OSD while the menu bar is displayed will  
clear the menu bar from the screen.  
You can choose from different languages.The sound will be  
in the language you choose if it is available on the disc in  
play. If the language you select is not available, speech will  
revert to the first spoken language on the disc.  
When selecting an item in the menu bar, the selected item  
will be highlighted and the appropriate cursor keys to  
operate this item will be displayed below the icon.  
< or > indicates that more items are available at the left/  
right of the menu bar. Press tor uto select these items.  
Subtitle language  
You can choose from different languages.The subtitles will  
be in the language you choose if it is available on the disc in  
play. If the language you select is not available, subtitles will  
revert to the first subtitle language on the disc.  
Initial Setup  
Menu language  
Initial Setup  
Audio language  
Initial Setup  
Subtitle language  
Turning On the power  
Switch on theTV and select the video input channel for  
your DVD-Video player.  
Press STANDBY-ON button.  
TV Shape  
If you have a wide screen (16:9)TV, select 16:9.  
If you have a regular (4:3)TV, select 4:3.  
Initial Setup (Virgin Mode)  
If you have a 4:3TV, you can also select between:  
Letterbox for a wide-screenpicture with black bars top  
and bottom, or Pan Scan, for a full-height picture with the  
sides trimmed. If a disc has Pan Scan, the picture then  
moves (scans) horizontally to keep the main action on the  
In Initial Setupyou may have to set your preferences for  
some of the players features. (not applicable for all models)  
Select your country.This is used as input for the Parental  
Controlfeature (see Access Control).  
After switching on the player for the very first time, the  
Initial Setup Screenwill appear.  
The menu for the first item to be set is displayed and the  
first option is highlighted.  
All these items may have to be set during ‘Initial Setup’.  
After that, they can always be changed in the Personal  
Preferences Menu.  
Use the wvkeys to go through the options in the menu.  
The icon of the selected option will be highlighted.  
Use OK to confirm your selection and to go to the next  
Preferences have to be set in the order in which the item  
menus will appear on the screen.  
The ‘Initial Setup’ screen will only disappear after the  
settings for the last item have been confirmed.  
If any keys other than wvor OK are pressed, Äwill  
appear on the screen.  
If the player is switched off while setting personal  
preferences, all preferences have to be set again after switching  
the player on again.  

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