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Philips DVD Video Int roduct ion  
Your Philips DVD Video Player will play digital video discs  
conforming to the universal DVD Video standard.With it,  
you will be able to enjoy full-length movies with true  
cinema picture quality,as well as stereo or multi-channel  
sound (depending on the disc and your playback setup).  
The unique features of DVD Video,such as selection of  
sound track,subtitle languages and different camera angles  
First check and identify the contents of your DVD Players  
package.You should have the following items:  
DVD Player  
Remote Control with batteries  
Audio cable  
Video cable  
S-Video cable  
(again, depending on the disc), are all included.  
Instructions for use  
In addition to DVD Video discs,you will be able to play all  
Video CDs and Audio CDs (including finalized CD  
Recordable (CD-R) and CD Rewritable (CD-RW)).  
If any item is damaged or missing,contact your retailer or  
Keep the packaging material for future transportation.  
DVD Video  
Rem ot e Cont rol Bat t er y  
Inst allat ion  
You will recognize DVD Video discs by the logo shown.  
Depending on the material on the disc (a movie,video clips,  
a drama series,etc.),the disc may have one or more Titles.  
Insert batteries as indicated inside the battery compartment.  
Caution: Do not m ix old and new batteries. Never  
m ix different types of batteries (standard, alkaline,  
Video CD  
You will recognize Video CDs by this logo.  
Audio CD  
Audio CDs contain music tracks only.  
You will recognize Audio CDs by this logo.  
Safet y Infor m at ion  
Do not expose the system to excessive moisture,rain,sand,  
or heat sources.  
Place the player on a firm,flat surface.  
Keep the player away from domestic heating equipment  
and direct sunlight.  
In addition,this unit can play a CD-R,CD-RW or MP3 data.  
Depending on the conditions of the recording equipment or  
the CD-R/CD-RW,some CD-R/CD-RW can not be played on  
this unit.  
The unit can not play CD-R/CD-RW that contain no data or  
data other than MP3.  
In a cabinet,allow about 2.5 cm (1 inch) of free space all  
around the player for adequate ventilation.  
If the DVD Player cannot read CDs/DVDs correctly,use a  
commonly available cleaning CD/DVD to clean the lens  
before taking the DVD Player to be repaired.Other  
cleaning methods may destroy the lens.Always keep the  
tray closed to avoid dust on the lens.  
The lens maycloud over when the DVD Player is suddenly  
moved from cold to warm surroundings.Playinga CD/DVD is  
not possible then.Leave the power on for about one hour with  
no disc in the unit untilnormalplaybackis possible.  
High Definition Com pact Disc  
HDCD decoding provides superior reproduction of all  
CDs,whether HDCD-encoded or not.When HDCD-  
encoded discs are played,special circuitry reveals detail and  
fidelity not possible in ordinary CDs.  
HDCD ,High Definition Digital and Pacific Microsonics™  
are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Pacific  
Microsonics, the United States and/or other  
countries.HDCD system manufactured under license from  
Pacific Microsonics,Inc.  
Cleaning Discs  
When a disc becomes dirty,clean it with a cleaning cloth.  
Wipe the disc from the center out.  
Do not use solvents such as benzine,thinner,commercially  
available cleaners,or anti-static spray intended for analog  

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