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General Information  
Accessories supplied  
This unit does not contain any user-  
serviceable parts. Please leave all  
maintenance work to qualiꢀed  
1 remote control with batteries  
– 1 audio/video cables (yellow/white/  
1 power cable  
Setup precautions  
The 3-in-1 audio/video cable is specially  
designed for this unit. To purchase or  
replace the cable, kindly quote part  
number: 41-UH1500-0KKA6 at  
Philips’s service hotline. Replacement of  
cable is only applicable within the  
warranty period.  
Finding a suitable location  
Place this unit on a ꢁat, hard and  
stable surface. Never place the unit on a  
Never place this unit on top of other  
equipment that might heat it up (e.g.,  
receiver or ampliꢀer).  
Never put anything under this unit  
e.g., CDs, magazines).  
Install this unit near the AC outlet  
Cleaning discs  
where the AC power plug can be easily  
Risk of damage to discs! Never use  
solvents such as benzene, thinner,  
cleaners available commercially, or anti-  
static sprays intended for discs.  
Space for ventilation  
Place this unit in a location with  
adequate ventilation to prevent internal  
heat build up. Allow at least 10 cm (4”)  
clearance from the rear and the top of  
this unit and 5 cm (2”) from the left and  
right to prevent overheating.  
Wipe the disc with a micro ꢀber cleaning  
cloth from the centre to the edge in a  
straight line movement.  
Avoid high temperature, moisture,  
water and dust  
This unit must not be exposed to  
dripping or splashing.  
Never place any object or items that  
can damage this unit (e.g., liquid ꢀlled  
objects, lighted candles).  
About recycling  
This user manual is printed on non-  
polluting paper. This unit contains a large  
number of materials that can be recycled.  
If you are disposing an old equipment,  
please take it to a recycling center.  
Please observe the local regulations  
regarding disposal of packaging materials,  
exhausted batteries and old equipment.  
2008-03-24 2:43:12 PM  

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