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DivX(R) VOD Code]  
[PCM Only] - Downmix to two-channel  
Display the DivX registration code and  
deregistration code.  
audio format.  
[LPCM Output] - Select the LPCM (Linear  
Pulse Code Modulation) output sampling rate.  
[Registration] - Obtain a registration code to  
register this product on website.  
[Deregistration] - Obtain a deregistration  
code to cancel the registration of this product  
on website.  
[48kHZ] - For discs recorded at sampling  
rate of 48 kHz.  
[96kHZ] - For discs recorded at sampling  
rate of 96 kHz.  
Use this product’s DivX registration code when you rent  
or purchase video from The DivX  
[LPCM Output] setting is only available if the [Digital  
Output] is set to [PCM Only].  
videos rented or purchased through the DivX VOD  
The higher the sampling rate, the better the sound  
Video On Demand) service can be played only on the  
device to which it is registered.  
Set the default volume level when you play a disc.  
Audio setup  
. Press OK.  
Audio Setup  
. Press  
to set the volume.  
. Press OK to confirm and exit.  
Analogue Output  
Digital Audio  
Sound Mode]  
Sound Mode  
CD Upsampling  
Night Mode  
Select a preset sound effect to enhance the audio  
[3D] - Select a virtual surround sound effect  
that is produced from the left and right audio  
[Movie Mode] - Select a sound effect for  
Press SETUP.  
[General Setup] menu is displayed.  
Press to select [Audio Setup], and then  
press to enter the submenu.  
[Music Mode] - Select a sound effect for  
CD Upsampling]  
For better sound quality in stereo mode, convert  
the music CD to a higher sampling rate.  
Select an option, and then press OK.  
Select a setting, and then press OK.  
[Off] - Turn off CD-upsampling.  
[88.2kHz] - Convert to twice the original  
sampling rate.  
To return to the previous menu, press  
BACK .  
[176.4kHz] - Convert to four times the original  
sampling rate.  
Night Mode]  
To exit the menu, press SETUP.  
Analogue Output]  
Select an analogue setting based on the audio  
device that is connected through the analogue  
audio jack.  
Make loud sound level softer and soft sound level  
louder so that you can watch the DVD movies at a  
low volume, without disturbing others.  
[LT/RT] - For the surround sound output  
through two speakers.  
[On] - Enjoy quiet viewing at night.  
[Off] - Enjoy surround sound with a full  
dynamic range.  
[Stereo] - For the stereo output.  
Digital Audio]  
Select a digital setting based on the digital amplifier/  
receiver that is connected through the digital jack  
Applicable only to Dolby Digital encoded DVDs.  
[Digital Output] - Select a type of digital output.  
[All] - Support multi-channel audio formats.  
[Off] - Disable digital output.  
EN 15  

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