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Basic Connections (continued)  
Step 4: Connecting to a  
Progressive ScanTV  
Step 5: Connecting FM/MW  
fix the claw  
into the slot  
MW 1  
1Connect the supplied MW loop antenna  
to the MW socket. Place the MW loop  
antenna on a shelf, or attach it to a stand  
or wall.  
The progressive scan video quality is  
only possible when usingY Pb Pr and  
a progressive scanTV is required.  
Connect the supplied FM antenna to the  
FM socket. Extend the FM antenna and  
fix its ends to the wall.  
Use the component video cables (red/  
blue/green - not supplied) to connect the  
DVD system’s Y Pb Pr sockets to the  
corresponding component video input  
sockets (or labelled asY Pb/Cb Pr/Cr or  
YUV) on theTV.  
For better FM stereo reception, connect  
an external FM antenna (not supplied).  
To hear theTV channels through this  
DVD system, use an audio cables (white/  
red - supplied) to connect AUDIO-TV  
IN sockets to the corresponding AUDIO  
OUT sockets on theTV.  
Proceed to page 18 for detailed  
Progressive Scan set up.  
Helpful Hints:  
Adjust the position of the antennas for  
optimal reception.  
Position the antennas as far as possible  
from yourTV,VCR or other radiation source  
to prevent unwanted interference.  
15/06/05, 1:18 PM  

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