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There are many ways to connect your new DVD Player to yourTelevision and other equipment.This Quick-Use  
Guide shows the easiest, most common connection between the DVD Player and aTV.  
Higher quality connections are explained in the accompanying owner’s manual and will provide better sound or  
picture if yourTV and/or audio system is compatible.  
CR / PR  
Disconnect all equipment from the power outlets. Connect the equipment to the power outlets only after you  
have finished hooking up everything. Never make or change connections with equipment connected to the power outlet.  
Connect the yellowVIDEO OUT jack of the DVD Player to the corresponding VIDEO IN jack on yourTV.  
Use the supplied video cable, which has yellow ends. On theTV, the VIDEO IN jack is usually yellow and might be labeled  
video, CVBS, composite, or baseband.  
Connect the supplied audio cable to the red and white (Right and Left) AUDIO OUT jacks on the DVD  
Player and to the right/left AUDIO IN jacks on theTV. The supplied audio cable has red and white ends.  
Match the cable colors to the jack colors. On the TV, the AUDIO IN jacks are usually labeled Audio.The red jack is the  
right (stereo channel) and the white jack is the left (stereo channel).  
Plug the power cords of the DVD Player and theTV into an active power outlet.  
Press the STANDBY-ON 2button on the front of the DVD Player to turn on the DVD Player.  
Connect the DVD Player directly to the TV. For example, do not connect the DVD Player to aVCR, then connect theVCR to  
a TV.This type of connection may distort the picture and sound or give you a black and white picture.Also, yourVCR might  
have the copy protection system, which could distort the DVD image or prevent playback of some Discs.  
Turn on theTV power. Set theTV to the correctVideo In channel. Such channels may be called AUX or  
AUXILIARY IN,AUDIO/VIDEO or A/V IN, EXT1 or EXT2 or External In, etc.These channels are often near channel  
zero (0). See your TV manual for details. Or, change TV channels until you see the DVD logo on the TV screen.  
If yourTV does not have red, white, and yellow Audio andVideo In jacks, refer to the owner’s manual for other hookup options.  
If yourTV only has a single Antenna In or RF In jack, you will need an RF modulator. See the owner’s manual for details.  

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