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With it, you will be able to record TV programs or edit  
and archive your own camcorder recordings.  
Superb digital picture and sound quality, quick access to  
the tracks you have recorded and extensive playback  
features contribute to a completely new video  
DVD Recorder  
DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) is the new storage medium  
that combines the convenience of the Compact Disc  
with the latest advanced digital video technology.  
DVD Video uses state-of-the-art MPEG2 data  
compression technology to register an entire movie on a  
single 5-inch disc. DVD’s variable bitrate compression,  
running at up to 9.8 Mbits/second, captures even the  
most complex pictures in their original quality.  
The crystal-clear digital pictures have a horizontal  
resolution of over 500 lines, with 720 pixels (picture  
elements) to each line. This resolution is more than  
double that of VHS, superior to Laser Disc, and entirely  
comparable with digital masters made in recording  
From now on you will enjoy full-length movies with true  
cinema picture quality and stereo or Multi-channel sound  
(depending on the disc and on your playback set-up).You  
will find your Recorder remarkably easy to use, with the  
on-screen display, Recorder display and remote control.  
DVD+ReWritable (DVD+RW) is the next step in video  
technology. DVD+RW uses phase-change media, the  
same technology that formed the basis for CD-  
ReWritable. A high-power laser is used to change the  
reflectivity of the recording layer. This process can be  
repeated more than a thousand times.  
Your Philips DVD Recorder is a Recorder and player  
for digital video discs, with a two-way compatibility  
to the universal DVD Video standard. This means that:  
existing pre-recorded DVD Video discs can play on  
your Philips DVD Recorder and  
recordings, made on your Philips DVD Recorder, can  
play on existing DVD Video players and DVD-ROM  
pre-recorded DVD  
DVD Video  
Philips DVD  

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