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Product Information  
Helpful Hints:  
If you have any questions or if problems  
occur during operation, see the chapter  
This HDD and DVD recorder allows you  
the ꢁexibility of keeping recordings in the  
HDD or archiving to a recordable DVD  
for future playback.  
– If you need further assistance, please call  
the customer support service for your  
country. The corresponding telephone  
numbers and e-mail addresses are given in  
the guarantee booklet.  
Model No.  
HDD Size USB Playback  
Refer to the type plate on the rear or  
bottom of the product for identiꢀcation and  
supply ratings.  
Accessories supplied  
These models are in black ꢀnish.  
– RF coaxial cable  
Remote control and batteries  
SCART cable  
Furthermore, you can take advantage of  
features like ‘Instant Replay’, or ‘Pause  
Live TV’; see the section “Control TV  
– Quick Start Guide  
Before you can start using this recorder,  
you must complete the basic connections  
and set-up in three easy steps.  
Region codes  
Step 1: Basic recorder connections  
DVD ꢀlms are usually not released at the  
same time in all regions of the world,  
thus all DVD players are keyed to a  
speciꢀc region code.  
Step 2: Optional connections for  
other devices  
Step 3: Basic installation and  
This device will only play  
Please take time to read this user manual  
before using the recorder. It contains  
important information and notes  
Region 2 DVDs or DVDs  
manufactured to be played in  
all regions (‘ALL’). DVDs from  
regarding operations of the recorder.  
other regions cannot be  
played on this recorder.  
Copyright notice  
The making of unauthorised copies of  
copy-protected material, including  
computer programmes, ꢀles, broadcasts  
and sound recordings, may be an  
infringement of copyrights and constitute  
a criminal offence. This equipment should  
not be used for such purposes.  

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