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Flat-panel LCD HDTV  
Congratulations! Your new BRAVIA™ TV opens the door to the “Stunning HD Experience”.  
This guide will explain how to get the most from your new High Definition TV.  
Your New BRAVIA  
2 Connecting Your TV  
Your BRAVIA™ TV must be properly connected to components such as sound system and cable or satellite box.  
See reverse side of this poster for sample connection diagrams.  
Learn more. Visit the Sony HDTV Learning Center  
Please take these steps before you power up your BRAVIA™:  
Turn off and unplug all components before making connections.  
Do not turn on the TV until connection setup is completed.  
Register online at: (from U.S.A.) (from Canada)  
Make sure you’ve removed all accessory contents from packaging.  
Install 2 AA batteries (supplied separately) in your remote control.  
Determine whether you will hang your TV on a wall or place it on a floor stand. Sony  
wall mounting brackets are designed to provide the best fit.  
Give your TV 2 3/8 inches (6 cm) of space behind it to properly ventilate.  
Video Connection  
Audio Connection  
High or Standard Definition Quality  
Quick Setup Guide  
For further information, see the Operating Instruction Manual supplied with the TV.  
Please retain this guide for your future reference.  
HDMI 1  
HDMI 2  
HDMI cable carries both video and audio signals.  
Separate audio cable is not needed.  
(*When HDMI is connected to DVI with an adapter,  
a separate audio L/R is necessary.)  
1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i, PC  
(Compatible with HD or SD content)  
HDMI connection*  
Component 1  
Component 2  
1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i  
The Four Steps to a Stunning HD Experience: Set, Sound,  
(Compatible with HD or SD content)  
Source, and Setup  
Component connection  
Audio L/R  
Audio L/R  
Along with your BRAVIA™ TV set, a complete HD system requires an HD sound system, a  
source of HD content, and proper setup connection with components such as your HD cable  
or satellite box.  
Video 1  
You must get HD programming to experience the stunning detail of HDTV.  
S VIDEO connection  
Use this connector in place of composite video connector)  
SD content)  
The quality of the image you see on your BRAVIA™ can only be as high as the quality of the  
signal it is displaying. This chart shows the different signal types and how to access them.  
Video 1  
Video 2  
Video 3  
Composite video connection  
Audio L/R  
Best Signal  
(Shown with video and audio connectors)  
HD Over-The-Air Antenna  
HD Cable Subscription/  
What is HDMI™?  
HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cables are the standard for connecting HDTV. They are built to properly handle high bandwidth, uncompressed video and multi-channel  
audio—all in one cable.  
For Your Convenience  
High Definition Best Picture Quality 16:9  
Aspect Ratio  
Please contact Sony directly if you have questions on the use of your television  
after reading your Quick Setup Guide and Operating Instruction Manual.  
HD Satellite Subscription  
Over-The-Air Antenna  
Digital Cable Subscription  
Digital Satellite  
Connecting a PC to Your BRAVIA™  
Good Picture Quality  
Aspect Ratio based on  
Contact Sony Customer Support at:  
Or to speak with a support representative:  
-800-222-SONY (7669) 1-877-899-SONY (7669)  
Digital Content  
Analog Content  
May require DVI-to-HDMI adapter and separate audio connector when connecting to the HDMI input.  
Connect PC’s audio output when using a Digital Video Interface (DVI) or HD15 connection.  
Press PC’s FUNCTION Key + Select Output to transmit to TV.  
Original TV format 4:3  
Aspect Ratio  
Over-The-Air Antenna  
Cable Subscription  
Refer to your BRAVIA™ Operating Instruction Manual for more information.  
United States  
Contact your cable or satellite provider to upgrade your service to HD. Receive over-the-air  
HD broadcasts with an HD-quality antenna ( and discover the wealth  
of entertainment now available on super-high-resolution Blu-ray Disc™.  
To learn more about HDTV, visit  
Please Do Not Return the Product to the Store  
2007 Sony Corporation Printed in U.S.A.  
Running Initial Setup  
4 Watching Your TV  
Initial Setup instructions are displayed on the screen when your BRAVIA™ is powered on  
To Access Initial Setup by Remote Control  
Select Your Content Source  
Press to turn On and Off the TV.  
for the first time.  
Whether you are watching cable, satellite or broadcast TV; playing a VCR, DVD or  
Blu-ray Disc™; or connecting to your PC, you need to choose the correct Input using  
your remote control:  
If you did not follow the Initial Setup screen the first time, press the  
remote control to display the Menu window and select the Channel menu.  
button on your  
Select the language for the OSD (on screen display).  
Press repeatedly until the TV displays  
the time in minutes (Off, 15, 30, 60 or  
120) that you want the TV to remain  
on before shutting off. To cancel  
Sleep, press repeatedly until Sleep  
Off appears.  
Initial Setup  
to choose  
Channel menu options appears.  
Press the  
button on your remote control to display on-screen the  
12.1 XEWT  
Exit: MENU  
Applications menu, then select External Inputs and will appear the list of  
external inputs; OR  
Press the  
Favorite Channels  
Please select your language:  
button to display the list of external inputs and choose the desired  
Press once to display the current  
channel number, channel label,  
remaining time, Wide Mode settings  
and current time. The on screen  
display (OSD) will turn off after a few  
Auto Program  
Show/Hide Channels  
Label Channels  
Adjust Screen Shape and Aspect Ratio  
Connect either Cable or Antenna to your TV (you can connect both using an A-B RF  
High Definition and Standard Definition signals are transmitted with different  
aspect ratios (the width-to-height shape of the image). Most HD signals use a  
widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9. Most SD signals use a boxy 4:3 aspect ratio. The  
16:9 aspect ratio looks perfect on your BRAVIA™, but a 4:3 image must be adjusted  
to look right. You can:  
Select Cable On (for cable channels) or Off (for antenna channels); then select Auto  
Press to display the Guide when you  
switch). If you connect Cable, the TV will scan  
12.1 XEWT  
Exit: MENU  
Initial Setup  
(For all channels are watching digital channels (if it is  
First please connect cable or antenna.  
Allow 50+ minutes for completion.  
cable channels. After this scanning, you can  
search antenna channels as well.  
Search for available channels  
available from the station).  
Using the Guide  
The Guide allows you to select the  
channels from a channel list; also  
provides information about the  
current program being shown on each  
Favorite Channels  
Add Channels  
Auto Program  
Show/Hide Channels  
Label Channels  
Start auto program now?  
Adjust your TV so boxy 4:3 images are automatically re-configured (zoomed or  
stretched) to fit the wide TV screen; OR  
If you have Cable and Antenna connection  
available, please connect Cable first.  
Watch SD content in its original, boxy format with wide black bars surrounding  
the image to fill in unused space (for example, you may prefer to watch an old  
classic movie in its original 4:3 format, not reconfigured for a wide screen).  
If you are not using the VHF/UHF/CABLE  
connection to TV, you can cancel the Auto  
Program by selecting No.  
3 Select OK to start auto program.  
Press the  
button on your remote control to display the Wide Mode setting  
Program information in the guide is  
provided by the broadcasters. As a  
result, it may sometimes include  
only the channel number, without a  
program title or description.  
Your TV will detect the type of signal connected and will start scanning for the channels.  
Auto Program  
of your preference.  
TheBasicsofDTV for more information.  
Allow 50+ minutes for completion.  
Auto Program  
Auto Program  
to set.  
Please wait. Allow 50+ minutes for completion.  
Auto Program is complete.  
Press select to cancel.  
Press Select button to exit.  
If you start auto program make sure you change  
to Cable On or Off and check the Cable or  
Antenna connection as well.  
Press to go back to the previous screen  
when displaying MENU items and  
Analog Channels Found:  
Digital Channels Found:  
Analog Channels Found:  
Digital Channels Found:  
This function is only available when  
PC input is active. Press to view a  
channel at the same time as a Picture  
in Picture (PIP) screen.  
Customize Sound and Picture Quality  
You can choose optimum sound and picture settings to match the content you are  
displaying on your TV:  
To Do List  
Press the  
menu, then choose the appropriate setting for your content.  
Use the remote control button to quickly adjust picture quality.  
Refer to your BRAVIA™ Operating Instruction Manual for more information.  
button on your remote control and select Picture or Sound  
Press to display the MENU with TV  
functions and settings.  
If the initial setup programming found Cable channels, you will be able to scan Antenna  
When the Initial Setup is completed, consider carrying out these items:  
Set Clock/Timers  
channels as well. Connect the Antenna (using  
Antenna Setup  
Press to alternate between two  
If you want to use air signals, please connect antenna.  
Allow 50+ minutes for completion.  
an A-B RF switch, not supplied) and change the  
switch to Antenna, then start auto program to  
search antenna channels.  
Set Closed Captions (CC)  
Set Parental Lock  
Show/Hide Channels  
Label Video Inputs (skip inputs)  
Label Channels  
channels. The TV will alternate  
between the current channel and the  
last channel tuned to with the buttons  
on the remote control.  
To learn more about HDTV, visit  
Start auto program now?  
For more details regarding to remote control functions,  
please refer to the Operating Instructions manual.  
Speaker On/Off  
For details, refer to your BRAVIA™ Operating Instruction Manual.  

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