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Default Guide  
Mini Guide / Full Guide: You can decide whether to display either the “Mini Guide” or the “Full Guide” when the GUIDE  
button on the remote control is pressed.  
Channel List  
For the detailed procedures on using the “Channel List”, refer to the descriptions on pages 12~13.  
Channel Mode  
When the press the P >/< button, Channels will be switched within the selected channel list.  
Added Ch: Channels will be switched within the memorized channel list.  
Favourite Ch.: Channels will be switched within the favourite channel list.  
Fine Tune  
If the reception is clear, you do not have to fine tune the channel, as this is done automatically during the search and store  
operation. If the signal is weak or distorted, you may have to fine tune the channel manually.  
Fine tuned channels that have been saved are marked with an asterisk “*” on the right-hand side of the channel number in  
the channel banner.  
To reset the fine-tuning, select “Reset” by pressing the ▲ or ▼ button and then press the ENTERE button.  
Only Analogue TV channels can be fine tuned.  
Signal Information  
You can get information about the signal status.  
If the signal status is poor, the “No signal.” message is displayed.  
While viewing a Digital channel, this function can be selected.  
If the TV is operating in a weak-signal area, the LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) function can improve the reception (a low-noise  
preamplifier boosts the incoming signal).  
While viewing an Analogue channel, this function can be selected.  
Using the Full / Mini Guide  
Full Guide  
Mini Guide  
DTV Cable 900 f tn  
Freshmen On Campus  
SBtoroezeet HByriptanionsis  
DTV Cable 900  
Freshmen On Campus  
:00 2:30  
2:10 Tue  
Full Guide  
Next Page  
No Detailed Information  
2:00 3:00  
Freshmen O.. Street Hypn..  
Mint Extra  
Fresh 40 with Dynamite MC  
The Distillery  
3:00 - 4:00  
No Information  
ITV Play  
No Information  
No Information  
Smash Hits! Smash Hits! Sunday  
Mini Guide  
+24 Hours  
Watch a programme in the EPG list  
Select a programme by pressing the ▲, ▼, ◄, ► button.  
Exit the guide  
Press the blue button  
If the next programme is selected, it is scheduled with the clock icon displayed. If the ENTERE button is pressed again, press the ◄,  
► button to select Cancel Schedules, the scheduling is canceled with the clock icon gone.  
View programme information  
Select a programme of your choice by pressing the ▲, ▼, ◄, ► button.  
Then press the INFO button when the programme of your choice is highlighted.  
The programme title is on the upper part of the screen center.  
Please click on INFO button for the detailed information. Channel Number, Running Time, Status Bar, Parental Level, Video Quality  
Information (HD / SD), Sound Modes, Subtitle or Teletext, languages of Subtitle or Teletext and brief summary of the highlighted  
programme are included on the detailed information. “...” will be appeared if the summary is long.  
Toggle between the “Mini Guide” or “Full Guide”  
Press the red button repeatedly.  
In Full Guide  
Scrolls backwards quickly (24 hours).  
Scrolls forwards quickly (24 hours).  
Press the green button repeatedly.  
Press the yellow button repeatedly.  
In Mini Guide  
Display next page quickly.  
Display previous page quickly.  
Press the green button.  
Press the yellow button.  
English - ꢀꢀ  
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