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Basic Features  
Information: Display a show you have reserved  
to watch. (You can also change the reservation  
Adjusting Picture Settings  
MENUm Picture ENTERE  
Alternatively, you can view Information by  
highlighting a program and pressing the  
ENTERE button.  
Backlight / Contrast / Brightness /  
Sharpness / Color / Tint (G/R)  
Select All / Deselect All: Select or deselect all reserved  
Your television has several setting options for picture quality  
Fine Tune  
analog channels only)  
When you make changes to Backlight, Contrast,  
Brightness, Sharpness, Color or Tint (G/R) the  
OSD will be adjusted accordingly.  
Ifthe reception is clear, you do not have to ꢀne tune the  
channel, as this is done automatically during the search and  
store operation. Ifthe signal is weak or distorted, ꢀne tune  
the channel manually. Scroll to the left or right until the image  
is clear.  
In PC mode, you can only make changes to  
Backlight, Contrast and Brightness.  
Settings can be adjusted and stored for each  
external device connected to the TV.  
Settings are applied to the channel you're currently  
Fine tuned channels that have been saved are marked  
with an asterisk “*” on the right-hand side ofthe  
channel number in the channel banner.  
Economical Solutions  
The Eco Function can be used to enhance your power  
To reset the fine-tuning, select Reset.  
Eco Solution  
Picture Menu  
MENUm Picture Eco Solution ENTERE  
Changing the Preset Picture Mode  
Energy Saving (Off / Low / Medium / High / Picture  
Off / Auto): This adjusts the brightness ofthe TV in  
order to reduce power consumption. Ifyou select  
Picture Off, the screen is turned off, but the sound  
remains on. Press any button except the volume button  
to turn on the screen.  
MENUm Picture Mode ENTERE  
Select your preferred picture type.  
Eco Sensor (Off / On): To enhance your power savings;  
the picture settings will automatically adapt to the light  
in the room.  
Dynamic: Suitable for a bright room.  
Standard: Suitable for a normal  
Ifyou adjust the Backlight, the Eco Sensor will  
be set to Off.  
Natural: Suitable for reducing eye strain.  
Min Backlight: When Eco sensor is On, the minimum  
screen brightness can be adjusted manually.  
Natural is not available in PC mode.  
Movie: Suitable for watching movies in a dark room.  
IfEco Sensor is On, the display brightness may  
change (become slightly darker in most cases)  
depending on the surrounding light intensity.  
No Signal Power Off (Off / 15 min / 30 min / 60 min):  
To avoid unnecessary energy consumption, set how long  
you want the TV to remain on ifit's not receiving a signal.  
Disabled when the PC is in power saving mode.  
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