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Step 4 :Connect External Devices  
Quick Setup Guide  
Congratulations on the purchase of your new Samsung TV. Read this  
setup guide to get your TV up and running quickly.  
Connecting an AV device (Blu-ray player, cable/satellite box, etc.)  
Connecting an audio device  
Connect your TV to your Home Theater or other audio  
device to enjoy enhanced sound quality.  
-800-SAMSUNG (1-800-726-7864)  
Samsung Electronics America, Inc.  
5 Challenger Road Ridgeꢀeld Park, NJ 07660-2112  
For the very best picture quality, select HD signal sources and use HDMI cables and  
connections. Note that many digital cable programs are not in HD. Check with your video  
provider to ensure your are receiving HD signals.  
HD connection (up to 1080p)  
Analog Audio connection  
Please do not return this unit.  
Samsung Electronics Canada Inc.  
Using an HDMI Cable  
Using an Audio Cable  
If you have problems operating your  
TV, call:  
55 Standish Court Mississauga, Ontario L5R 4B2  
Call Center hours of operation: Mon-Sun, 9:00 AM -12 AM EST.  
To register this product, visit:  
-800-SAMSUNG (1-800-726-7864)  
For web support please visit:  
DVD / Blu-Ray player / HD Cable Box /  
HD Satellite receiver (STB)  
Amplifer / DVD Home Theater  
The HDMI connection carries  
digital video and audio.  
Best Connection  
Digital Audio connection  
Getting Started  
ꢀsiꢂg aꢂ opꢁical Cable  
Digital Audio System  
HD connection (up to 1080p)  
Using an DVI to HDMI Cable  
Step 1 :Install the Stand (40~55 inch TVs)  
Follow the steps below to connect the TV to the stand.  
Make sure to distinguish between the front and back of the Stand and Guide  
Stand when assembling them.  
DVD / Blu-Ray player /  
Cable Box /  
Satellite receiver (STB)  
Connecting a PC  
Connect your TV to a PC to use it as a Monitor.  
Make sure that at least two people lift and move the LCD TV.  
HD connection  
Stand the product up and fasten the screws. If you fasten the screws with the  
LCD TV placed down, it may lean to one side.  
Very Good Connection  
ꢀsiꢂg aꢂ HDMꢅ Cable  
Guide Stand  
Using a Component Cable  
VCR / DVD / Blu-ray player / Cable Box  
/ Satellite receiver  
Audio/Video connection (480i only)  
Using an Audio/Video Cable  
Good Connection  
Using an D-Sub Cable  
Bottom View  
When connecting to AV ꢅn 1 on the back of your TV,  
attach the video cable (yellow) to the green jack next to  
the AV ꢅn 1 label. The jack will not match the color of the  
video cable (yellow).  
Top View  
VCR / DVD / Blu-ray player / Cable Box /  
Satellite receiver  
Lowest Quality Connection  
After you have selected the cable system type, select Start, and then  
press the EntErEbutton on your remote.  
the fꢃllꢃꢆiꢂg siꢇes aꢄe available:  
Step 5 : Run Plug & Play  
When you turn on your TV for the ꢀrst time, it automatically launches the Plug &  
Play function. With Plug & Play, you can select the On Screen Display language,  
set the clock mode, and launch the TV’s channel memorizing process. It also  
displays connection instructions similar to those in this guide.  
Most cable systems are Standard (StD) systems. If you are not sure  
about what kind of cable system you have, contact your cable company.  
5. The TV memorizes the available channels. This process can take up  
to 45 minutes. After the TV has memorized the channels, the Clꢃck Mꢃde  
screen appears.  
To navigate while Plug & Play is running, press the Up, Down, Left or Right  
arrow buttons on your remote. To make a selection, press the EntErEbutton.  
To skip a screen, press the MEnꢀ button.  
16:9 Wide screen  
Zoom 1  
Zoom 2  
Step 2 :Install the Batteries into the Remote  
Choose the Clꢃck Mꢃde. Select Auꢁꢃ if you have a digital channel in  
your area. Select Maꢂual if you don’t, or if you have a cable or satellite box.  
When done, press EntErEbutton. The Daylight Savings screen appears.  
To turn on your TV, press the PowEr button on the remote or press the  
PowEr button on the TV. To run Plug & Play, follow these steps:  
To install batteries into your remote control, follow these steps:  
Lift the cover on the back of the remote upward  
as shown in the ꢀgure to the right.  
Wide Fit  
4:3 Standard screen  
Screen Fit  
Plug & Play  
If you select Maꢂual, the clock setting screen appears.  
7. Select the Daylight Saving Time setting: off, oꢂ, or Auꢁꢃ, and then press  
Scꢄeeꢂ Fiꢁ displays a full HD picture covering the entire screen with no cutoff  
on any side. It is only available when your TV inputs an HDMI (720p, 1080i,  
1080p), Component (1080i, 1080p), or DTV (over-the-air 1080i) signal.  
Install two AAA batteries.  
SelecꢁLaꢂguageꢃfꢁheoSD. Eglish  
Make sure to match the + and - ends of  
the batteries to the diagram in the battery  
8. After the time zone screen, The connection method for best HD screen quality  
is displayed. Press Right arrow button on your remote to view each screen in  
succession. Press the Blue button to skip this section.  
Changing the Picture Mode  
Your TV has four preset Picture Modes with factory adjusted settings, each  
designed to give you an excellent picture under speciꢀc conditions.  
Replace the cover.  
UMꢃve EEꢂꢁeꢄ  
9. the Eꢂjꢃy yꢃuꢄ tV screen appears. and then press EntErEbutton.  
Step 3 : Connect Power and Antenna or Cable 1. On the Language screen, select the language for the On Screen Display  
the Picꢁuꢄe Mꢃdes aꢄe lisꢁed aꢂd descꢄibed iꢂ ꢁhe ꢁable belꢃꢆ:  
Home Use screen appears.  
OSD) using your remote control, and then press EntErEbutton. The  
Select Hꢃme ꢀse, and then press EntErEbutton. If you select Sꢁꢃꢄe  
Demꢃ, the TV will reset your picture and audio settings every 30 minutes. After  
you press EntErEbutton, the Antenna Source screen appears.  
Basic Functions  
Brightens picture. For a vibrant, enhanced image in brightly lit or  
sunny room.  
Cꢃꢂꢂecꢁ Ant ꢅn ꢁꢃ:  
Wall cable jack or  
Antenna or  
For a bright, detailed picture in a normally lit room.  
3. If your TV is only attached to an antenna, select Aiꢄ. If your TV is only  
attached to cable and you have no cable box, select Cable. If your TV is  
attached to an antenna and cable with no box, select Auꢁꢃ. When done,  
press EntErEbutton on your remote. The Select Cable System screen  
Changing the Screen Size  
Your TV has several screen size options, each designed to work best with speciꢀc  
types of video input. If you have a cable box or satellite receiver, it may have its  
own set of screen sizes as well.  
For a comfortable, easy-on-the-eyes picture in a normally lit room.  
For a studio quality cinema picture in a dimly lit or dark room.  
Power Input  
Cable or Satellite  
box Ant or Cable  
Use a 75 ohm (round) cable.  
tꢃ chaꢂge ꢁhe Picꢁuꢄe Mꢃde, fꢃllꢃꢆ ꢁhese sꢁeps:  
With the TV on, press the tooLS button on your remote.  
The tꢃꢃls menu appears.  
IMPORTANT: If your TV is attached to a cable or satellite box, skip Steps  
3 through 5. After Plug & Play is complete, set your TV to Channel 3 or 4,  
according to the directions for your cable or satellite box.  
To change the screen size, press the P.SꢅzE button on your remote. The ꢀrst time  
you press it, your TV displays the current setting. Thereafter, each time you press  
the P.SꢅzE button, you change the size of the picture on the screen.  
Make sure the AC power cord is plugged  
in securely to the wall outlet and the TV.  
2. Using the or on your remote, select Picꢁuꢄe mꢃde.  
If your TV is attached to a cable system and you have no cable box, you  
must select your cable system type. If you have Digital cable, you must  
select the cable system type for both Aꢂalꢃg and Digiꢁal.  
3. On the Picꢁuꢄe Mꢃde menu, use the or on your remote to select  
the Picꢁuꢄe Mꢃde you want.  
4. Press the Exꢅt button to exit the menu.  
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