User manual Crimestopper Security Products CS-2012DPII-TW1

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Alarm Triggering  
An intrusion into the vehicle or hard impact to the body will sound the alarm and flash the lights for 20 Sec.  
After 20 Sec. the trigger cycle will automatically stop and alarm will remain armed to continue protecting the  
vehicle. If a door is left open after an intrusion then the unit will cycle a maximum of 2 minutes and continue to  
protect the other un-tampered or unopened zones.  
Prior intrusion Alert  
This system will notify you if the alarm was tripped while you where away. Upon disarming, the two normal  
disarm chirps will be heard then the system will emit 4 additional siren chirps. Check your vehicle for any  
signs of a break in or tampering. Also see LED Diagnostics Section to determine the cause of the trigger.  
Open Zone Alert / Bypass  
Upon arming, this system will warn you if a door is left open. After a 60 second setup delay (for extended  
dome lights) has elapsed, if the system detects a fault or a door left open, the siren will chirp 5 times along  
with 5 light flashes. This zone will be automatically bypassed and the alarm will protect all other zones.  
Pre-Warning Shock Protection  
The Pre-warning (warn-away) feature will activate when a low-level shock or vibration detected by the  
system’s shock sensor. The alarm will chirp the siren 5 times and flash the lights once to help deter any  
further tampering with the vehicle.  
Passive Arming Mode: (Programmable)  
Passive (automatic) arming occurs 30 seconds after the ignition is turned off and the last door is closed. Upon  
closing the last door, the unit will flash the lights twice and LED will be flashing rapidly to confirm passive  
countdown. If a door is reopened within the 30 second period, the countdown stop and begin again when the  
door is closed. Passive arming provides failsafe protection in case you forget to arm the system.  
Passive Locking: (Programmable)  
The CS-2012DP-TW1 system can be programmed to passively lock the doors when the system passively  
arms. The default setting is OFF because passive locking increases the risk of locking the keys in the vehicle.  
Trunk/Hatch Pop (Optional, Remote AUX. Output 1)  
This feature is designed to interface with existing Factory power trunk or power hatch release systems and  
may require additional parts and/or labor charges. Press and release Button #3 (Trunk) on the transmitter to  
pop/open the trunk/hatch. If the system is armed, it will also disarm when the button #3 is pressed.  

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