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8" / 32" Digital 100Hz Dolby Pro-Logic  
D Real Flat  
Product Information  
Product Highlights  
•ꢀ Screen Sizeꢀ  
: 28" (70 cm)  
ꢀ Visible screen sizeꢀ  
32" (82 cm)  
•ꢀ Smartcard reader  
Digital terrestrial tuner  
: 28" (66 cm)  
Integrated tuner for superb digital signal reception through the  
standard aerial input : high quality digital free-to-air services  
with better picture and sound quality, without reception noise  
and disturbances.  
32" (76 cm)  
•ꢀ S-Video (Y/C) in  
ꢀ PictureTubeꢀ  
ꢀ 100Hz Digital Scan  
ꢀ Digital Natural Motion  
ꢀ Digital Crystal Clear  
ꢀ Dynamic Auto Focus  
ꢀ Active Control + Light Sensor  
ꢀ ColourTransient Improvement (CTI)  
ꢀ Black stretch and blue stretch  
ꢀ Widescreen Plus  
: Real Flat Black Line S  
•ꢀ CVBSVideo in  
•ꢀ Audio L/R (cinch/RCA) in  
•ꢀ Headphone Jack 3,5 mm out  
Watch Analogue program while recording  
Digital Program  
•ꢀ Common Interface socket PCMCIA  
•ꢀ ModemV22 jack  
Built-in with 2Tuners (1 Analogue and 1 Digital) provides  
flexibility in recording function. Watching Analogue programme  
while recording Digital channel is possible with no  
•ꢀ Service RS232  
•ꢀ Euro A/V connector Ext1 (RGB in, CVBS in/out)  
•ꢀ Euro A/V connector Ext2 (RGB in, S-Video in/out  
ꢀ Picture Freeze  
ꢀ Zoom 16x  
CVBS in/out)  
•ꢀ Euro A/V connector Ext3 (CVBS in)  
ꢀ Stereo Audio out (cinch) Constant/Variable level  
•ꢀ Surround sound out (cinches and click-fits)  
Real Flat Black Line S  
PhilipsTV picture tube provides non-distorted picture quality,  
while offering a wider viewing angle without light reflections.  
Thanks to the highly pigmented phosphors, the brightness and  
contrast performance are considerably improved compared to  
conventional picture tubes.  
ꢀ Sound Powerꢀ  
: 60 + 15W RMS  
: 120 + 30W Music Power Information  
ꢀ Dolby Pro-Logic Surround, 3D Surround  
ꢀ 6 On Board Speakers, 2 Surround Speakers  
ꢀ Subwoofer (32" only)  
•ꢀ Digital teletext & graphics (MHEG5 decoding)  
•ꢀ Analogue 1200 PageText level 2.5 with Habit ꢀ ꢀ  
100 Hz Digital Scan  
ConventionalTelevisions show a picture by scanning 50 times  
per second (50 Hertz).This frequency can be detected by  
the human eye in the form of a field flickening picture. 100  
Hertz sets show a picture by scanning 100 times per second  
eliminating the field flickening. Philips' Digial Scan doubles  
the number of field changes thus also eliminating visible line  
flicker.The result is an absolute stable picture relaxing for  
your eyes.  
ꢀ Graphic Equalizer  
•ꢀ AnalogueText Dual Screen  
ꢀ Digital Signal Processing  
•ꢀ Analogue Program Information Line  
ꢀ Digital Electronic Program Guide (EPG) : based ꢀ  
on available free-to-air content broadcasted  
Ea1s00ePorefseUt chsaennIenlsstallation  
•ꢀ Easy Link: Pre-set download,WYSIWYR, One ꢀ ꢀ  
ꢀ Autostore  
Touch Record  
ꢀ FineTuning  
ꢀ Sorting  
ꢀ Smart ATS and ACI  
Digital Natural Motion  
ꢀ Tuning Systemꢀ  
: PLL digital tuning  
: UHF 8Mhz  
: 75 ohm Coaxial  
: DVB COFDM 2k/8k  
: MPEG-1 layer 2 Stereo  
Building upon 100Hz technology Philips invented Digital  
Natural Motion to eliminate juddering effects that are visible  
with moving picture content. Digital Natural Notion estimates  
motion in the picture and corrects juddering movements in  
both broadcast and movie material (DVD). Smooth motion  
reproduction and excelleht sharpness are the result  
Ease of Use Utilisation  
•ꢀ Tunerꢀ  
ꢀ Easy toggle between digital and analogue modes  
ꢀ Watch Analogue program while recording Digital ꢀ  
•ꢀ Aerial Inputꢀ  
•ꢀ TV Systemꢀ  
•ꢀ Stereo Systemꢀ  
ꢀ Top Controls  
ꢀ Remote Controlꢀ  
: RC 2038  
ꢀ (suitable for ꢀ  
•ꢀ Tuning Systemꢀ  
•ꢀ Tunerꢀ  
ꢀ ꢀ  
•ꢀ Aerial Inputꢀ  
•ꢀ TV Systemꢀ  
: PLL digital tuning  
:VHF, UHF, S-Channel.  
: 75 ohm Coaxial  
: See table  
: See table  
: NTSC 4.43/3.58  
Digital Crystal Clear  
A unique package of picture innovations including Combfilter,  
ScanVelocity Modulation, Dynamic Contrast, Colour  
Enhancement and LuminanceTransient Processing. Digital  
Crystal Clear, using 10 bit processing, offers 30% more  
contrast, natural colours and high level of detail.  
ꢀ Smart Picture Controlꢀ  
: Soft, Natural, Rich, ꢀꢀ  
Multimedia, Personal  
: Movie, Speech, Music, ꢀ  
ꢀ Personal  
ꢀ Smart Sound Controlꢀ  
•ꢀ Stereo Systemꢀ  
•ꢀ Video Playbackꢀ  
ꢀ Digital subtitle selection  
Full Active Control  
ꢀ Dual I-II  
Active Control automatically analyses, 50 times per second, the  
incoming signal and adjusts the key picture settings on  
Sharpness, Digital Noise Reduction, Colour, Contrast and  
Format.The ambient light sensor adjusts the settings according  
to the viewing conditions in the room.Active Control thus offers  
the best possible picture settings any time, any souce.  
ꢀ 6Widescreen modesꢀ  
: 4:3, Zoom 14:9,  
ꢀ Zoom 16:9,  
ꢀ Subtitle Zoom,  
ꢀ Super Zoom,  
ꢀ Widescreen  
:AC 220-240V +/- 10%  
:Normal Operationꢀ  
•ꢀ Power Consumptionꢀ  
•ꢀ SetWeightꢀ  
ꢀ ꢀ  
0.34W Stand by  
: 28” - 40 kg  
ꢀ Subtitle and Heading shift  
ꢀ Autoformat/Autoscreen fit (incl.WSSB)  
ꢀ Smart Clock  
: 32” - 56 kg  
Dolby Pro-Logic 3D Surround  
•ꢀ Weight Incl. Packaging ꢀ  
: 28” - 48.4 kg  
Using full Dolby Pro-Logic decoding, 3D Surround offers a  
cinema surround sound experience with integrated centre  
speaker, and without cables and rear speakers.  
ꢀ SleepTimer  
ꢀ Child Lock  
: 32” - 64 kg  
•ꢀ Set Dimensionꢀ  
: 28” - 785 x 507 x 495ꢀ  
: 32” - 886 x 569 x 546  
ꢀ PictureTilt Control (32")  
(W x H x D mm)ꢀ  
Digital and Analogue Menu System  
With easy to use Graphical User Interface and easy menu  
control of all digital and analogue functions.A/D button on the  
remote control enables the user to toggle between viewing  
digital or analogue program.  
ꢀ Program List  
ꢀ Box Dimensionꢀ  
(W x H x D mm)ꢀ  
: 28” - 898 x 714 x 656  
: 32” - 996 x 723 x 716  
•ꢀ TV Colourꢀ  
: Iriodine (10849)  
Built in Smartcard reader  
Easy extension possible to paid program services.  
AnalogueTV System and Stereo System table)  
stereo system  
transmission system  
Predecessor ꢀ : --  
: MG  
Introductionꢀ : Year 2001  
Features and specifications subject to change without notice.  

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