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Basic Features  
When selecting the Cable TV system: STD, HRC  
All deleted channels will be shown on the All  
Channels menu.  
and IRC identify various types ofcable TV systems.  
Contact your local cable company to identify the  
type ofcable system that exists in your particular  
area. At this point, the signal source has been  
A gray-colored channel indicates the channel  
has been deleted.  
The Add menu only appears for deleted  
After all the available channels are stored, it starts  
to remove scrambled channels. The Auto Program  
menu then reappears.  
Delete a channel from the Added Channels or  
Favorite menu in the same manner.  
Timer Viewing: You can set a desired channel to be  
displayed automatically at the reserved time. Set the  
current time ꢀrst to use this function.  
Editing Channels  
MENUm Channel Channel List ENTERE  
1. Press the / / / buttons to select the  
desired channel in Channel List.  
Channel Name Edit  
2. Press the TOOLS button, then select Timer  
Select a channel and press the TOOLS button.  
Scroll up or down to adjust the settings in the box,  
or use the numeric buttons on your remote to enter  
the date and time.  
Edit the channel name using the Channel Name Edit  
Channel Name Edit (analog channels only): Assign your  
Ifyou selected Once, Every Week or EveryDay  
in Repeat, you can enter the date you want.  
own channel name.  
Select OK, then press the ENTERE button when  
Other Features  
MENUm Channel ENTERE  
Only memorized channels can be reserved.  
Reserved programs will be displayed in the  
Clear Scrambled Channel  
Programmed menu.  
This function is used to ꢀlter out scrambled channels after  
Auto Program is completed. This process may take up to  
When a digital channel is selected, press the ►  
button to view the digital program.  
0~30 minutes.  
Select All: Select all the channels in the channel list.  
Deselect All: Deselect all the selected channels.  
How to Stop Searching Scrambled Channels  
Press the ENTERE button to select Stop.  
Press the button to select Yes.  
Press the ENTERE button.  
You can only select Deselect All when one or  
more channels are selected.  
This function is only available in Cable mode.  
in Channel List)  
You can view, modify or delete a show you have reserved  
to watch. Programmed timer viewing is displayed here.  
Highlight a program and press the TOOLS button to display  
Channel List  
Channel List Option Menu  
Set each channel using the Channel List menu options (Add  
Change Info: Change a show you have reserved to  
Delete, Timer Viewing, Select All / Deselect All). Option  
watch. Begin with step 3 of“Timer Viewing,” above.  
menu items may differ depending on the channel status.  
Select a channel and press the TOOLS button.  
Cancel Schedules: Cancel a show you have reserved  
to watch.  
Select a function and change its settings.  
This deletes the highlighted or selected  
Add / Delete: Delete or add a channel to display the  
channels you want.  
Information: Display a show you have reserved to watch  
You can also change the reservation Information.).  
Alternatively, you can view Information by  
highlighting a program and pressing the  
ENTERE button.  
Select All / Deselect All: Select or deselect all reserved  
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