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Basic Features  
Even ifyou set the on-screen display to another  
Caption Mode: You can select the desired caption  
language, the Downloadable U.S. Rating  
menu will appear in English only.  
The availability ofcaptions depends on the  
program being broadcast.  
The rating will automatically block certain  
categories that deal with more sensitive  
Default / CC1~CC4 / Text1~Text4: (analog channels  
only) The Analog Caption function operates in either  
analog TV channel mode or when a signal is supplied  
from an external device to the TV (Depending on the  
broadcasting signal, the Analog Caption function may or  
may not work with digital channels.).  
The rating titles (For example: Humor Level..etc)  
and TV ratings (For example: DH, MH, H..etc)  
may differ depending on the broadcasting  
Default / Service1~Service6 / CC1~CC4 /  
Text1~Text4: (digital channels only) The Digital Captions  
function works with digital channels.  
Change PIN: The Change PIN screen will appear.  
Choose any 4 digits for your PIN and enter them. As  
soon as the 4 digits are entered, the Conꢀrm New  
PIN screen appears. Re-enter the same 4 digits. When  
the Conꢀrm screen disappears, your PIN has been  
Service1~6 may not be available in digital caption  
mode depending on the broadcast.  
Digital Caption Options: (digital channels only)  
Size: Options include Default, Small, Standard and  
Large. The default is Standard.  
Font Style: Options include Default and Styles 0 to 7.  
The default is Style 0.  
Foreground Color: Options include Default, White,  
Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta and Cyan. You  
can change the color ofthe letter. The default is White.  
Background Color: Options include Default, White,  
Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta and Cyan.  
You can change the background color ofthe caption.  
The default is Black.  
How to watch a restricted channel  
Ifthe TV is tuned to a restricted channel, the V-Chip will  
block it. The screen will go blank and the following message  
will appear:  
This channel is blocked by V-Chip. Please enter the PIN to  
Ifyou forget the PIN, press the remote-control buttons  
in the following sequence, which resets the pin to “0-0-  
-0”: POWER (off) MUTE 8 2 4 POWER  
Foreground Opacity: This adjusts the opacity oftext.  
Options include Default, Transparent, Translucent, Solid  
and Flashing.  
Other Features  
Background Opacity: This adjusts the opacity of  
the caption background. Options include Default,  
Transparent, Translucent, Solid and Flashing.  
Menu Language  
Return to Default: This option sets each Size, Font  
Style, Foreground Color, Background Color, Foreground  
Opacity and Background Opacity to its default.  
Set the menu language.  
Select Menu Language and press the ENTERE  
Digital Caption Options are available only  
Choose desired language and press the ENTERE  
when Default and Service1 ~ Service6 can be  
selected in Caption Mode.  
Choose between English, Español and Français.  
The availability ofcaptions depends on the  
program being broadcasted.  
The Default setting follows the standards set by  
the broadcaster.  
On-Screen Text Messages)  
The Foreground and Background cannot be set  
to have the same color.  
Caption (Off / On): You can switch the  
caption function on or off. Ifcaptions are  
not available, they will not be displayed  
on the screen.  
You cannot set both the Foreground Opacity  
and the Background Opacity to Transparent.  
The Caption feature doesn’t  
work in Component, HDMI or PC  
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