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Barco, Inc.  
1101 Trade Center Drive  
Rancho Cordova, CA  
5670 • USA  
Phone: +1 (916) 859-2500  
Fax: +1 (916) 859-2515  
Technical Support: +1 (866) 374-7878  
Customer Service Portal:  
Quick Start Guide  
Visibly yours  
Two recessed handles are  
provided. Chassis weight  
depends on the number of  
modules installed.  
Use the arrows move the “focus”  
highlight, and to scroll lists. To activate  
a highlighted function, press ENTER.  
The cyan “focus” can be moved  
with the Navigation buttons.  
Press to access the Test  
Pattern Menu, to assign test  
patterns to selected outputs.  
Six softkeys activate functions or  
access menus. Softkey labels  
appear in the Touch Screen’s left-  
hand column. To operate, press  
the Touch Screen button, or the  
adjacent softkey.  
Press to access the Preset  
Management Menu, to recall  
and manage presets.  
Touch Screen  
There are 3 ways to use the Touch Screen:  
Press a button on the Touch Screen itself.  
Press a softkey directly adjacent to a button in  
the Touch Screen’s left-hand column.  
Press to take all outputs to  
black. Press again to restore  
the previous video.  
These three buttons do  
not work from within  
the Setup Wizard.  
Use the arrows to move the cyan “focus”  
highlight. Then, press ENTER to activate.  
Quick System Setup  
Power On LEDs, Fiberlink — Turn on power to your  
LED walls and Fiberlink connections.  
Run the Input Wizard — Use the Input Wizard to  
configure inputs, and assign them to LED outputs.  
(Chapter 4, “Using the Input Wizard”)  
The following list summarizes the  
overall DX-700 setup procedure. For  
error-free installation, always refer to  
the listed section in the User’s Guide.  
Power On DX-700 — Turn on power to the DX-700  
chassis. (Chapter 4, “Power-Up Initialization”)  
Ensure that you save a preset after  
you configure each input.  
Factory Reset — The first time you use a DX-700,  
or after a DX-700 returns from a show, perform a  
Factory Reset. (Chapter 4, “Performing a Factory  
Fine Tune Inputs — Use the Input Management  
Menu to adjust brightness, contrast, color and more.  
(Chapter 4, “Using the Input Management Menu”)  
Install and Cable LED Walls — Ensure that your LED  
wall(s) are properly installed and cabled.  
Rackmount DX-700 — Ensure that the DX-700 is  
properly installed in your equipment rack.  
Chapter 3, “Rack-Mount Installation”)  
Calibrate Touch Screen — Adjust display brightness  
and calibrate the Touch Screen. (Chapter 4, “Using  
the Front Panel Display Adjust Menu”)  
Fine Tune Displays — Use the Display Management  
Menu to adjust contrast, gamma, Fiberlink and more.  
(Chapter 4, “Using the Display Management Menu”)  
Configure DX-700 Modules — Ensure that all  
modules are installed in the proper configuration.  
Chapter 2, “Module Installation and Configuration”)  
Run the Setup Wizard — Use the Setup Wizard to  
configure LED wall outputs and “groups.” (Chapter 4,  
Recall Presets — Recall the desired preset, and  
you’re ready to begin production. (Chapter 4, “Using  
the Preset Management Menu”)  
Using the Setup Wizard”)  
Connect Sources and Signals — Ensure that all  
sources and signals are properly connected.  
Ensure that you set up all outputs and  
configure all output groups.  
Chapter 3, “Signal Installation”)  
P/N 26-0601004-00, Rev 02  

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