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Length – 5.04” / 128 mm  
Max. Diameter – 1.10” / 28 mm  
Battery Type – CR123A x 2  
OPERATING: -40°C (-40°F) to 48°C (120°F)  
BATTERY TYPE: CR123A camera battery, ANSI:  
5018LC, IEC: CR17345  
the human body.  
described in the instruction manual) will void this  
warranty as will alteration, misuse, battery leakage  
or lack of proper maintenance. Normal wear is to  
be expected under this warranty. For each  
Illumination Tool submitted for warranty considera-  
tion, you must first obtain a Return Merchandise  
Authorization (RMA) number from BlackHawk  
Products Group. Please contact BlackHawk  
Products Group at 1-800-694-5263 (phone), 888-  
830-2013 (fax) or (eMail) to  
receive a Return Authorization Number. Please take  
a moment to fill out the attached card and return to  
the address provided. The information you provide is  
invaluable in helping us to continue to design innova-  
tive & dependable Illumination Tools. It will also  
enable us to send you information on new products  
as well as special sales promotions taking place at  
your nearest Night-Ops Authorized Dealer.  
• Do not stare directly into the light; momentary  
blindness and/or eye damage could result.  
• Use caution when using the light as it can cause  
momentary blindness and/or disorientation within  
the subject and surrounding individuals.  
Lamp Type – 3-watt LED  
Output for the Ally PL3 – 65 lumens  
Run Time for the Ally PL3– 4 hours  
Output for the Ally PL3x – 50 lumens –  
HI / 12 lumens - LOW  
Run Time for the Ally PL3x – 4 hours –  
HI / 20 hours – LOW  
WARNING: Lithium batteries can explode or cause  
burns if disassembled, shorted, recharged or  
exposed to fire or high temperatures. Please handle  
with care. Do not mix new batteries with used or  
other battery types/brands or dispose of batteries  
in the trash. If it is necessary to dispose of any bat-  
teries, do not do so by fire, mutilation or by disas-  
sembly, as this may cause toxic chemicals to be  
Dear Valued Customer:  
Thank you for choosing Night-Ops® Illumination  
Tools! Night-Ops Illumination Tools are warranted  
to their original owner to be free from defects in  
parts and workmanship for the life of that owner.  
Excluded from this warranty are the batteries, bulbs  
(lamps), and electronics found within the Night-Ops  
line. There is no coverage for the batteries and  
bulbs (lamps) but the electronics are covered by a  
one year warranty with proof of purchase. At our  
option, Blackhawk Products Group™ will repair,  
replace or refund the purchase price of any of the  
Night-Ops products that are found to be defective  
under these guidelines unless it is damaged due  
to ordinary wear and tear, damaged due to lack  
of proper maintenance, damaged by employment  
outside of their areas of intended use, damaged  
through misuse of the product or by failure to follow  
the instructions and warnings contained herein.  
The following conditions and exclusions also apply:  
Disassembly of any part of the Illumination Tool other  
than for battery or bulb (lamp) replacement (as  
Battery Installation Instructions  
Both the Ally PL3 and the Ally PL3x Illumination  
Tools require the proper installation of CR123A  
lithium batteries (only). Insert two NEW 3-volt  
CR123A batteries with positive (“+”) terminal end  
first towards the bezel end of the device. Use only  
high quality batteries such as Duracell, Panasonic  
or Night-Ops brands. The batteries are installed or  
changed by unscrewing the rear portion of the light  
by grasping the tailcap portion of the light with one  
hand and then turning the tailcap counterclockwise  
with the other until the tailcap housing can be  
removed. After the batteries are installed place  
the tailcap back on the end of the body and then  
screw it in a clockwise direction until it is snug.  
Note: Both the Ally PL3 and the Ally PL3x  
Illumination Tools project a significant amount of  
heat that dissipates throughout the body of the light  
as it is used. After several minutes of continuous  
use you may feel some heat while holding the flash-  
light but this is normal and the flashlight will contin-  
ue to function properly.  
• Neither the Ally PL3 nor the Ally PL3x Illumination  
Tools are toys nor should they be treated as one  
• Keep both the Ally PL3 and the Ally PL3x  
Illumination Tools away from children  
• The LED and the battery will generate heat; do  
not hold the bezel or lens of an activated Ally PL3  
or Ally PL3x Illumination Tool against any portion of  
Battery Specifications  
Temperature Specifications (Battery)  
STORAGE: -20°C (-4°F) to 45°C (113°F)  

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