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Universal nꢀCd/nꢀMH  
Fast battery CHarger  
set Up anꢁ Operating instrUCtiOns  
vꢀꢂꢀꢃ ouꢄ wꢅꢆꢂꢀꢃꢅ ꢇꢃ: hꢃꢃꢈ://www.hꢇꢄꢆoꢄfꢄꢅꢀꢉhꢃ.com  
rꢅꢇd ꢃhꢀꢂ mꢇꢃꢅꢄꢀꢇꢊ ꢆꢅfoꢄꢅ uꢂꢀꢋꢉ ꢃhꢀꢂ ꢈꢄoducꢃ.  
Fꢇꢀꢊuꢄꢅ ꢃo do ꢂo cꢇꢋ ꢄꢅꢂuꢊꢃ ꢀꢋ ꢂꢅꢄꢀouꢂ ꢀꢋjuꢄꢌ.  
save tHis ManUal.  
Copyright© 2008 by Harbor Freight Tools®. All rights reserved. No portion of this manual or any  
artwork contained herein may be reproduced in any shape or form without the express written  
consent of Harbor Freight Tools. Diagrams within this manual may not be drawn proportionally.  
Due to continuing improvements, actual product may differ slightly from the product described  
herein. Tools required for assembly and service may not be included.  
Foꢄ ꢃꢅchꢋꢀcꢇꢊ quꢅꢂꢃꢀoꢋꢂ oꢄ ꢄꢅꢈꢊꢇcꢅmꢅꢋꢃ ꢈꢇꢄꢃꢂ, ꢈꢊꢅꢇꢂꢅ cꢇꢊꢊ 1-800-444-3353.  
Revised Manual 09k  

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