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the supplier. Equipment malfunctions or any  
repairs or alterations made by the user to this  
equipment may give the telecommunications  
company cause to request that the user  
disconnect the equipment.  
The battery pack used in this  
device may present a fire or  
chemical burn hazard if  
mistreated. Do not  
disassemble, heat above  
Users should ensure for their own protection  
that the electrical ground connections of the  
power utility, telephone lines and internal  
metallic water pipe system, if present, are  
connected together. This precaution may be  
particularly important in rural areas.  
212°F (100°C) or incinerate.  
Dispose of used battery  
Keep away from children.  
La manutention incorrecte du  
module de batterie de cet  
appareil présente un risque  
d'incendie ou de brûlures  
chimiques. Ne pas démonter,  
incinérer ou exposer à une  
température de plus de 100°C.  
Évacuer promptement la  
batterie usée. Garder hors de  
portée des enfants.  
Caution: Users should not attempt to make such  
connections themselves, but should contact the  
appropriate electric inspection authority, or  
electrician, as appropriate.  
NOTICE: The Ringer Equivalence Number  
REN) assigned to each terminal device  
provides an indication of the maximum number  
of terminals allowed to be connected to a  
telephone interface. The termination on an  
interface may consist of any combination of  
devices subject only to the requirement that the  
sum of the Ringer Equivalence Numbers of all  
the devices does not exceed 5. The Ringer  
Equivalence Number for this equipment is 0.2.  
NOTICE: The Industry Canada label identifies  
certified equipment. This certification means  
that the equipment meets certain  
telecommunications network protective,  
operational and safety requirements as  
prescribed in the appropriate Terminal  
Equipment Technical Requirements  
document(s). The Department does not  
guarantee the equipment will operate to the  
user’s satisfaction.  
AVIS: L’étiquette d’Industrie Canada identifie  
le matériel homologué.  
Cette étiquette certifie que le matériel est  
conforme aux normes de protection,  
d’exploitation et de sécurité des réseaux de  
télécommunications, comme le prescrivent les  
documents concernant les exigences techniques  
relatives au matériel terminal. Le Ministère  
n’assure toutefois pas que le matériel  
Before installing this equipment, users should  
ensure that it is permissible to be connected to  
the facilities of the local telecommunications  
company. The equipment must also be installed  
using an acceptable method of connection.  
fonctionnera à la satisfaction de l’utilisateur.  
Avant d’installer ce matériel, l’utilisateur doit  
s’assurer qu’il est permis de le raccorder aux  
installations de l’entreprise locale de  
télécommunication. Le matériel doit également  
être installé en suivant une méthode acceptée de  
raccordement. L’abonné ne doit pas oublier  
The customer should be aware that compliance  
with the above conditions may not prevent  
degradation of service in some situations.  
Repairs to certified equipment should be  
coordinated by a representative designated by  

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