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At just 1.92 lbs. the carbon fber VAIO® Pro 11 Ultrabook™ is ultra-light and  
extremly durable. Oꢀering exceptional perꢁormance, a Full HD TRILUMINOS  
Display ꢁor mobile with 10 point touchscreen, all day mobility in a sleek  
design, this laptop has it all. Get even longer battery liꢁe with the optional  
extended sheet battery. Equipped with a 4th generation Intel® Core™ i5  
processor, card and 4GB oꢁ memory, and with a solid state drive the VAIO®  
Pro is an ideal solution ꢁor your mobile computing needs.  
Ultra-light with durable carbon fber  
With uncompromising attention to detail and a passion ꢁor design, the VAIO® Pro is  
an expertly engineered and extremely durable and weighs only 1.92 lbs. The carbon  
fber construction keeps it light but also helps protect it ꢁrom the rigors oꢁ the road. The  
palmrest was created ꢁor maximum comꢁort while typing so your hands will ꢁeel less  
stress will keyboarding ꢁor long periods oꢁ time.  
More brillant color than ever  
The 11.6” Full HD 1920 x 1080p touchscreen LCD with TRILUMINOS Display ꢁor mobile  
creates incredibly true, natural shades oꢁ colors – just the way you want to see them.  
Thanks to a new-generation technology that makes colors purer and more distinct with  
a wider color range, giving images a heightened sense oꢁ depth. Equipped with IPS (in-  
plane switching) technology so you can enjoy a crisp image ꢁrom any viewing angle -  
perꢁect ꢁor giving an important presentation or watching the latest blockbuster hit. And  
with the X-Reality ꢁor Mobile video quality is vastly improved making that blockbuster hit  
look even more sharp.  
On the cutting edge oꢀ SSD technology  
Get quicker boot-ups, ꢁaster application launches and overall enhanced perꢁormance.  
And oꢁ course, since SSD technology includes no moving parts, you get a more durable  
storage solution less prone to physical damage.  
Night Shiꢁ  
Practical innovation is a cornerstone oꢁ Sony’s vision, and our keyboards are no  
exception. The keyboard ꢁeatures precisely engineered keys to create a comꢁortable  
and intuitive typing experience. When typing in dim light, an LED backlight creates a  
pleasant glow, ꢁraming the individual keys and illuminating the lettering to make it even  
easier to fnd the right keys .  
All-Day Mobility  
Enjoy all day mobility and long battery liꢁe with VAIO Pro . With the optional large  
capacity sheet battery, you leave behind the traditional bulky and protruding long-  
liꢁe batteries oꢁ the past. Attaching seamlessly to the bottom oꢁ the laptop and by  
operating in tandem with it, you’ll enjoy up to double the battery liꢁe – helping to keep  
you unplugged longer.  

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