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Feature-packed. Distinctive. The premium, ultra-  
portable business computer  
NotWeobrk osmoarkt.  
Think fast.  
VAIO Professional busi-  
ness notebooks optimize  
your productivity with a  
powerful combination of  
innovative technologies  
and mobility features that  
keep you connected and  
help you react as quickly  
as you think.  
Stay productive at home  
or in the office.  
Intel Centrino™  
Superior LCD  
Mobile Technology  
Optical Drive  
With integrated DVD±±W  
The VAIO T Series note-  
Centrino™ Mobile  
10.6” widescreen LCD display  
with XB±ITE™ technology  
delivers exceptional graphics  
and ultra-sharp images.  
Smart Display Sensor auto-  
matically adjusts to an opti-  
mized resolution when plug-  
ging into a compatible projec-  
tor or display.  
book is designed with con-  
venient features for people  
on the go. The slim profile,  
around 1” thin, and ultra-  
light 3 lb. weight make this  
notebook solution the per-  
fect mobile companion for  
the business user.  
Technology enables longer  
battery life , cool operation  
drive this complete multime-  
dia machine allows you to  
edit and burn professional  
quality DVDs. Back up large  
amounts of data on durable  
CD or DVD discs or burn  
business presentations for  
playback on your notebook.  
and light, easy to carry  
designs. Integrated wireless  
LAN support lets you con-  
nect to thousands of  
Hotspots across the coun-  
try to check email or  
research on the web.  
Port Replicator (VGP-PRT1)  
Additional 512MB memory (VGP-MM512I)  
External Hard Drive (PCGA-HDM06)  
Memory Card Adapter (VGP-MCA10)  
USB mouse (PCGA-UMS5)  
USB mobile mouse  
Wireless optical mouse (PCGA-WMS5/S)  
External USB floppy disk drive  
USB keyboard (PCGA-UKB1)  
Slim carrying case (PCGA-CCB2)  
Large carrying case (PCGA-CCGX)  
Notebook Briefcase (PCGA-CCV)  
USB Camera (PCGA-UVC11A)  
Notebook backpack  
Sony VAIO Update software  
Sony VAIO Recovery Wizard software  
Sony VAIO Help and Support software  
Internet Services  
may choose to connect. While Sony representatives or  
Sony authorized dealers may be able to assist you and  
may make recommendations, they are NOT authorized to  
vary or waive this disclaimer. Purchasers must deter-  
mine for themselves the suitability and compatibility of  
the hardware and software in each and every particular  
instance. Software titles pre-installed on the Sony  
Notebook Computer are subject to change without  
notice. Simulated graphic shown on display.  
Preinstalled software may not be identical to retail ver-  
sions or have all documentation. This product meets the  
standards of the International Energy Star Program for  
energy efficiency. Features and specifications are sub-  
ject to change without notice. Non-metric weights and  
measurements are approximate.  
Windows sound system com®patible  
Dolby Headphone & Dolby  
Virtual Speaker  
AOL Online™ 90-day Trial - New  
Users Only  
Built-in stereo speakers  
Audio Interface  
Intel Pentium M Processor  
Monaural mini-jack microphone  
Stereo mini-jack headphone  
Ultra Low Voltage 733  
(1.10GHz , 2MB L2 Cache)  
Memory Stick Media Slot  
Front Side Bus Speed  
Supports optional Memory S5tick ,  
Limited Warranty  
Memory Stick PRO™ media  
PC Card Slots  
1 Year Limited Warranty  
Midnight Blue  
Telephone Support  
One PCMCIA - Type II/Type I card slot  
with CardBus support  
1 year toll-free technical telephone  
©2004 Sony Electronics Inc. All rights reserved.  
Reproduction in whole or in part without written permis-  
sion is prohibited. Sony, i.LINK, Memory Stick,  
SonicStage, XBRITE, Memory Stick PRO, MagicGate,  
Click to DVD, DVgate Plus, VAIO Media, PictureGear  
Studio, Like No Other and VAIO are trademarks of Sony.  
Intel and Pentium are registered trademarks, and Centrino is  
a trademark of Intel Corporation. Microsoft and Windows  
are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All  
other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners.  
Printed in U.S.A. 9/04  
Intel 855GME  
assistance, available 24-hours, 7-  
Other Interfaces  
Integr®ated Wireless LAN  
Intel PRO/ Wireless 2200BG  
Network Connection (802.11b/g)  
days-a-week .  
RJ-11 modem jack, i.LINK (IEEE  
Onꢁline and Email Support  
Support available from  
1394) interface , 2 USB 2.0, RJ-45  
(PCGA-CCP3/H, /G, /R, /L)  
Notebook protection case  
Privacy Filter (VGP-FL10)  
802.11a/b/g Wireless LAN router access  
point (PCWA-AR800)  
Ethernet, VGA output, headphone  
(stereo), monaural mini-jack  
Integrated Bluetooth Technology  
1. GHz denotes microprocessor internal clock speed;  
other factors may affect application performance. CPU  
speed will be reduced under certain operating conditions.  
0.6” WXGATMdisplay (1280x768)  
Optional Port Replicator  
Interfaces (VGPꢁPRT1)  
3 USB 2.0, VGA output, DC in,  
printer port  
Pointing Device  
Electro-Static touch pad  
QWERTY, 82 keys with 1.7mm  
stroke and 17mm pitch  
Action Buttons  
with XBRITE technology  
. GB means one billion bytes when referring to hard  
Hard Drive  
drive capacity. Accessible capacity may vary. A portion  
of hard disk space is reserved as a recovery partition.  
3. Requires compatible wireless LAN access point, sold  
separately. Internet connection may require fees.  
40GB (4200rpm)  
GB PC-2700 333MHz DDR  
512 MB x 2)  
Microsoft Windows  
. DVD Media/Formats are not universally compatible.  
. Supports Memory Stick PRO™ high-capacity media test-  
Expandable to 1GB Maximum)  
XP Professional  
ed up to 1GB. Does not support MagicGate™ functionality.  
6. i.LINK is a trademark of Sony used only to designate  
that a product contains an IEEE 1394 connector. All  
products with an i.LINK connector may not communi-  
cate with each other.  
7. Estimated battery life. Actual battery life may vary on usage.  
8. See actual Limited Warranty for details. For a copy of  
Sony’s warranty, please visit, call  
toll-free 888-476-6972 (888-4SONYPC), or write to Sony  
Electronics, 12451 Gateway Boulevard, Fort Myers, FL  
9. For certain third party software applications, Sony pro-  
vides first level Phone Support. Additional telephone sup-  
port may be available from the applicable 3rd party vendor.  
Availability and schedule for any such support is determined  
by the applicable software vendor.  
Intel 855GME Chipset Integrated  
SONY Originial Software  
Click to DVD™ software  
DVGate Plus™ Software  
DVD/CD Playback, Volume/Mute  
buttons, WLAN/BT on/off  
Power Requirements  
4MB Video RAM (shared w/ Main  
SonicStage 2.1 software  
SonicStage Mastering Studio  
software with MP3 encoder  
PictureGear Studio™ software  
VAIO Media™ software  
Graphics Interface  
VGA out w/ Smart Disp4 lay Sensor  
DVD±RWꢀCDꢁRW Drive  
DVD+R Write (2.4x MAX), DVD+RW  
Write (2.4x MAX)  
Lithium-ion battery (VGP-BPS3)  
Estimated Battery Life  
VAIO T Series Software Bundle  
® ®  
Adobe Acrobat Reader  
® ®  
InterVideo WinDVD  
.0-8.57 hours with standard  
Sonic Rec®ordNow! 7  
DVD-R Write (2x MAX); DVD-RW Write  
Microsoft Works 8.0 - Word  
Processing, Spreadsheet, Calendar,  
Scheduling, Contact Management and  
Please see website for compatibility details.  
0. Interoperability among Bluetooth devices varies.  
.04 lbs. with standard battery  
(2x MAX)  
Size (W x H x D)  
CD-R Write (24x MAX); CD-RW Write  
Computer Interface: The computer industry lacks stan-  
dards, and therefore, there are a multitude of varying  
software packages and add-on hardware options. This  
personal computer is not manufactured to operate any  
specific software, and Sony does not and cannot make  
any warranty or representation with respect to the per-  
formance of this product with any particular software  
packages and/or non-Sony add-on hardware options  
except those mentioned in this document. Sony hereby  
disclaims any representations or warranty that this prod-  
uct is compatible with any combination of products you  
0.7” X 1”-1.34” X 8.1”  
Microsoft Office 2003 60-Day  
Supplied Accessories  
(10x MAX)  
Trial (Small Business Edition)  
Lithium-ion battery (VGP-BPS3),  
power cord, and AC adapter  
AntiꢁVirus & Recovery Software  
Norton Internet Security™ 90-Day  
Integrated V.90 modem (RJ-11)  
Subscription - Norton AntiVirus ,  
Optional Accessories  
0BASE-T/100BASE-TX Ethernet with  
Norton Personal Firewall, Norton  
Sony recommends  
Microsoft Windows®  
XP Professional  
Additional standard battery (VGP-BPS3)  
Additional AC adapter (VGP-AC16V8)  
RJ-45 interface  
Privacy Control, Norton AntiSpam ,  
Norton Parental Control  

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