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. Locate the two keyboard locking tabs at the base of the keyboard panel. The first tab  
is located below the“Fn” key and the second tab is located below the“Home”key. With a  
small flat-bladed  
screwdriver or a paper  
clip, unlock the key-  
board panel from the  
computer chassis by  
sliding both locking  
tabs toward the front  
of the system.  
5. To completely release the  
keyboard panel from the  
chassis, lift the front of the  
keyboard panel up about a  
quarter of an inch. Then slide  
the keyboard panel forward  
about a quarter of an inch.  
6. Carefully rotate the front  
keyboard panel away from  
you and rest it, upside down,  
on the display screen.  
Manual No. 1005296Release 01/2000, Rev. A  
The Sony VAIO PCG-XG9 comes standard with 128MB (two 64MB modules) of  
removable memory. It can be expanded to a maximum of 256MB† by installing  
the following Viking Components memory options into its two available  
expansion slots.  
Caution: Do not disconnect  
or place tension on the  
cable connecting the key-  
board panel to the system  
Viking P/N  
2MB PC100 Memory Module  
4MB PC100 Memory Module  
28MB PC100 Memory Module  
SNY9832, RSNY9832  
SNY9864, RSNY9864  
SNY91664, RSNY91664  
Requires removal of the standard memory modules.  
7. Locate the two memory expansion slots  
on the left side of the open compartment.  
Also locate the off-center key on each of the  
slots.Each slot will be occupied with a 64MB  
standard memory module. If you wish to  
upgrade your system past 128MB, the stan-  
dard memory modules will need to be  
removed. Proceed to step 8 for instructions  
on how to remove a memory module.  
Electro Static Discharge (ESD) can damage electronic components. Before touching the mem-  
ory module,ensure that you are discharged of static electricity by touching a grounded metal  
Note:The memory expansion slot closest  
to the front of the system must always be  
occupied with a memory module.  
.Turn the computer off and disconnect the AC power supply and any other cables from  
the unit.  
Note: If the unit appears to be powered down, ensure that it is not in Suspend  
2.Turn the computer upside down. Remove the battery from the system. If you are not 8.To remove a memory module, locate the retaining clips on both sides of the memory  
familiar with this procedure, please refer to your computer’s“Owner’s Manual.”  
module. Gently pull both clips away from the module, then lift the module out of its  
expansion slot.  
3. Locate the single hold-  
ing screw toward the cen-  
ter of the bottom panel.  
Remove only this screw  
with a small Phillips screw  
driver. Then carefully  
return the system right  
side up and open the dis-  
play screen.  

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