User manual Sony VGN-A600/A600P

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A600P CTO  
TFuhll-eFeatPurerdemier MHuiglht-iQmualeitydTViaOnNotebook PC.  
A Superior Viewing  
Sony VAIO  
Multimedia notebook  
Your Schedule  
Digital Studio PC  
The VAIO A Digital Studio  
Watch and record all of your  
favorite shows with Sony's  
Giga Pocket engine avail-  
Ready to meet your growing A/V  
entertainment demands. Wheth-  
er you're turning your analog  
content into digital video, or edit-  
ing and converting your high-def-  
inition camcorder video, you  
have the tools you need. And,  
with the optional DVD+R Double  
Layer/ DVD±RW drive, you can  
burn up to 8.5GB of data, music  
or digital photos - or up to 4  
hours of MPEG-2 video - on one  
A powerful blend of Sony  
original technologies deliver  
an exceptional viewing expe-  
rience. The 17" WUXGA or  
technology brings movies to  
life with crisp images and  
vivid colors. Smart Display  
Sensor automatically adjusts  
to an optimal resolution  
when connecting to a com-  
patible display or projector.  
The Sony VAIO A Series  
Digital Studio PC is a pre-  
mier notebook, designed  
to offer the cutting edge of  
technology and perform-  
ance with incomparable  
style. Optional AV capabili-  
ties include premium  
speakers & entertainment  
dock with a TV tuner and  
personal video recorder.  
Notebook and optional A/V  
Entertainment Dock take  
mobile A/V capabilities to a  
whole new level. Watch and  
record high-quality TV.  
Convert VHS and 8mm  
videos into professional-  
quality DVDs. Capture and  
edit high-definition cam-  
corder video. Fully equipped  
to handle all of your A/V  
entertainment demands.  
able on the optional A/V  
Dock. Record your shows  
to DVD and create a digital  
library for personal viewing  
at your convenience with  
Click to DVD™ software  
and the optional DVD+R  
Double Layer/ DVD±RW  
drive .  
Double Layer DVD disc .  
DVD+R Write (2.4x MAX)  
Configurable Accessories  
Sonic RecordNow! 7 (only available with  
8. AV Entertainment Dock Option only available at time of pur-  
VGN-A600/A600P CTO  
AV Entertainment Dock with S-Master™  
Digital Amplifier, Four USB 2.0 ports,  
Monitor (VGA) port, VHF/UHF TV port,  
Printer port DC in, S-Video in/out, DVI-D,  
RJ-45 Ethernet, Optical out, Line in (RCA  
DVD±RW drive option)  
Option®al Softwa®re  
Adobe Photoshop Elements  
9. Interoperability among Bluetooth devices varies. Please  
see website for compatibility details.  
DVD-R Write (8x MAX); DVD-RW Write (4x MAX)  
10. Does not support MemoryStick media and Memory  
Stick PRO™ media using the MagicGate function or high-  
speed data transfer. Supports memory cards with capacities  
up to 1GB. Does not support 5.0V SmartMedia media or the  
ID function of SmartMedia media with IDs. Does not support  
the SD Memory Card media copyright protection function.  
11. Not all features supported.  
12. See actual Limited Warranty for details. For a copy of  
Sony’s warranty, please visit, call  
toll-free 888-476-6972 (888-4SONYPC), or write to Sony  
Electronics, 12451 Gateway Boulevard, Fort Myers, FL  
13. For certain third party software applications, Sony pro-  
vides first level Phone Support. Additional telephone support  
may be available from the applicable 3rd party vendor.  
Availability and schedule for any such support is determined  
by the applicable software vendor.  
Processor (Configurable)  
Intel® Pen1tium® M Processor 770  
DVD+R Write (8x MAX); DVD+RW Write (4xMAX)  
CD-R Write (24x MAX); CD-RW Write (24x MAX)  
CD-RW/ DVD-ROM Drive  
Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition  
Adobe P11remiere Standard or Professional  
Pin), Line out (RCA Pin), Giga Pocket  
MPEG2 realtime encoder/decoder board  
with TV Tuner  
2.13GHz , 2MB L2 Cache)  
Microsoft Office 2003 60-Day Trial  
(Student/Teacher Edition) - only available  
on models with XP Home  
Microsoft Office 2003 60-Day Trial  
(Small Business Edition) - only available  
on models with XP Professional  
Intel Pentium® M Processor 760  
2GHz , 2MB L2 Cache)  
Speakers(2) & Remote Control  
Wireless Mouse (PCGA-WMS5/S)  
Optional Accessories  
Additional Battery (PCGA-BP2EA)  
AC Adapter for use with the AV  
Entertainment Dock (PCGA-AC19V7)  
AC Adapter for use with port replicator or  
stand-alone notebook (VGP-AC19V10)  
Port Replicator (VGP-PRA1)  
Visual Communication Camera  
USB Mobile Mouse- Black/ Silver  
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse  
Memory Card Adapter (VGP-MCA10)  
512MB memory expansion module  
Intel Pen1tium® M Processor 750  
CD-R Write (24x MAX); CD-RW Write (24x MAX)  
1.86GHz , 2MB L2 Cache)  
Intel Pen1tium® M Processor 740  
DVD Read (8x MAX); CD Read (24x MAX)  
1.73GHz , 2MB L2 Cache)  
Microsoft Office 2003 (Basic, Small  
Intel Pen1tium® M Processor 730  
Integrated V.90 Modem with RJ-11 interface  
Business, or Professional Edition)  
(1.6®0GHz , 2M®B L2 Cache)  
Sony SonicStage Mastering Studio -  
Audio Mastering & Remastering  
Anti-Vi®rus & Recovery Software  
Norton Internet Security™ 90-Day  
Intel Celeron Processor 360  
(1.40GHz , 2MB L2 Cache)  
BASE-T Ethernet with RJ-45 interface  
Front Side Bus Speed  
Windows® sound system compatible,  
Intermute™ SpySubtract™ 30-Day Trial  
VAIO Update software  
VAIO Recovery Wizard software  
VAIO Help and Support software  
Internet Services  
AOL Online™ 90-Day Trial - New Users  
Built-in stereo speakers  
Audio Interface  
Computer Interface: The computer industry lacks standards,  
Intel 915®PM  
and therefore, there are  
a multitude of varying software  
Bluetooth (Configurable)  
Monaural mini microphone jack,  
Headphone jack  
packages and add-on hardware options. This personal com-  
puter is not manufactured to operate any specific software,  
and Sony does not and cannot make any warranty or repre-  
sentation with respect to the performance of this product  
with any particular software packages and/or non-Sony add-  
on hardware options except those mentioned in this docu-  
ment. Sony hereby disclaims any representations or warran-  
ty that this product is compatible with any combination of  
products you may choose to connect. While Sony represen-  
tatives or Sony authorized dealers may be able to assist you  
and may make recommendations, they are NOT authorized  
to vary or waive this disclaimer. Purchasers must determine  
for themselves the suitability and compatibility of the hard-  
ware and software in each and every particular instance.  
Software titles pre-installed on the Sony Notebook  
Computer are subject to change without notice. Simulated  
graphic shown on display. Preinstalled software may not be  
identical to retail versions or have all documentation. This  
product meets the standards of the International Energy Star  
Program for energy efficiency. Features and specifications  
are subject to change without notice. Non-metric weights  
and measurements are approximate.  
Bluetooth technology or none  
Integrated Wireless LAN  
Memory Stick Media Slot  
Supports optional Memory Stick,  
Memory Stick PRO™ and Memory  
Stick DUO™ media5  
Intel PRO/Wireless 2915A3BG Network  
Conn®ection (802.11a/b/g) or  
Intel PRO/Wireless 22030BG Network  
Connection (802.11b/g)  
Universal Carrying Case (VGP-AMB1)  
Sport Backpack (VGP-AMB2)  
Neoprene Notebook & AC Adapter  
PC Card Slots  
One PCMCIA - Type II/Type I card slot  
with CardBus support  
LCD (Configurable)  
17” WUXGA (1920x1200) with XBRITE™  
Limited Warranty  
Other I®nterfaces  
External Floppy Disk Drive (VGP-UFD1)  
technology and ErgoBright™ technology  
or 17” WXGA (1440x900) with  
XBRITE™ technology and EgroBright™  
1 Year Limited Warranty12  
Telephone Support  
1 year toll-free technical telephone  
i.LINK connector(IEEE 1394) , 3 USB  
.0 ports, port replicator connector  
Pointing Device  
Operatin®g System® (Configurable)  
Electro-Static touch pad  
Microsoft Windows XP Home with  
assistance, available 24/7 .  
On-line and Email Support  
Support available from  
Hard Drive (Configurable)  
Service Pack 2 or Microsoft Windows XP  
Professional with Service Pack 2  
Sony Original Software  
VAIO Zone™ with WinDVD™  
00GB (5400rpm), 80GB (5400rpm),  
QWERTY, 86 keys with 3mm stroke  
and 19.05mm pitch  
0GB (5400rpm), 40GB (5400rpm)  
Memory (Configurable)  
Action Buttons  
GB PC-4200 400MHz DDRW2 (1GB x 2)  
1. GHz denotes microprocessor internal clock speed;  
other factors may affect application performance. CPU  
speed will be reduced under certain operating conditions.  
2. GB means one billion bytes when referring to hard  
drive capacity. Accessible capacity may vary. A portion of  
hard disk space is reserved as a recovery partition.  
. Requires compatible wireless LAN access point, sold  
separately. Internet connection may require fees.  
4. DVD Media/Formats are not universally compatible.  
5. Supports Memory Stick PRO™ high-capacity media test-  
ed up to 1GB. Does not support MagicGate™ functionality.  
6. i.LINK is a trademark of Sony used only to designate  
that a product contains an IEEE 1394 connector. All  
products with an i.LINK connector may not communicate  
with each other.  
Power On, S1 (programmable), Magnify  
Screen, Brightness, Volume(+),  
Volume(-), Mute, Wireless LAN on/off  
Power Requirements  
VAIO Zone™ Personal Video Recorder  
Component (only available on AV  
Entertainment Dock option)  
1GB PC-4200 400MHz DDRW2 (512MB x 2)  
512MB PC-4200 400MHz DDRW2 (512MB x 1)  
512MB PC-4200 400MHz DDRW2 (256MB x 2)  
256MB PC-4200 400MHz DDRW2 (256MB x 1)  
©2004 Sony Electronics Inc. All rights reserved.  
Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is  
prohibited. Sony, i.LINK, Memory Stick, SonicStage, Giga  
Pocket, VAIO, VAIO Zone, XBRITE, ErgoBright, Memory Stick  
PRO, Memory Stick PRO Duo, MagicGate, Click to DVD, S-  
Master, DVgate Plus, VAIO Media, PictureGear Studio and Like  
No Other are trademarks of Sony. Intel and Pentium are regis-  
Click to DVD™ - DVD Creation (only avail-  
able with DVD±RW drive option)  
DVGate Plus™ - Digital Video  
35W 10%  
Expandable to 2GB)  
ATI Mobility™ Radeon X600  
Lithium-ion Battery (PCGA-BP2EA)  
Estimated Battery Life  
SonicStage - Digital Music  
PictureGear Studio™ - Digital Photo  
VAIO®Media™ - Network File Sharing  
VAIO A Series Software Bundle  
Standard Battery: 1.0 - 2.5 hours  
tered trademarks, and Centrino is a trademark of Intel  
Graphics Interface  
VGA out w/ Smart Display Sensor  
Video Interface  
Corporation. Microsoft and Windows are registered trade-  
marks of Microsoft Corporation. All other trademarks are  
trademarks of their respective owners.  
.8 lbs. with standard battery  
Intuit Quicken 2005 New User Edition  
weight is approximate & may vary)  
(previous Quicken users may require  
additional upgrade)  
A/V mini jack  
Size (W x H x D)  
Printed in U.S.A. 1/05.  
Optical Drive (Configurable)  
DVD+R Double Layer/ DVD±RW Drive  
Double Layer +R  
6” x 1.7”-1.8” x 11”  
InterVideo WinDVD  
Supplied Accessories  
Microsoft Works 8.0  
7. Estimated battery life. Actual battery life may vary on  
Standard battery, power cord & AC Adapter  

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