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-472-877-11 (1)  
Initial Setup  
Parts and Controls  
Check supplied items  
Connect AC adapter  
Turn on your  
VAIO® computer  
Internal dual microphones  
SD memory card slot  
Built-in camera1  
Headset compatible  
headphone jack  
Wireless router2  
AC adapter1  
LCD scre2 en  
/ touch  
Power cord  
USB port x 2 (Compliant  
with the USB 3.0 standard,  
the port with the mark  
supports USB charging.)  
VGA adapter2  
Extended battery pack2  
HDMI output port  
DC IN port  
Charge indicator  
Plug the power cord and the AC adapter into  
an AC outlet and the computer.  
Press and hold down the power button until  
the power indicator light turns on.  
Air exhaust vent  
ASSIST button Starts VAIO Care while your computer is on  
easily tune-up and self support the computer.  
Ambient light sensor  
Power button indicator  
The USB port on the AC adapter is intended  
exclusively for battery charging. Do not use  
it for any other purpose.  
Not supplied with all models. Availability  
depends on your computer’s specifications.  
Be sure to connect the AC adapter to your  
computer when using it for the first few times  
to ensure the battery becomes fully charged.  
The startup process will take a few minutes.  
No action is required until the setup window  
On the touch screen equipped models, the  
LCD screen lid opens smoothly and easily until  
about 105 degrees. Beyond this angle, the  
hinge becomes stiff.  
Features and specifications may vary and are  
subject to change without notice.  
Battery off button3  
Built-in speakers (Below the keyboard)  
Air intake vent  
Extended battery pack  
connector cover  
Extended battery pack  
attachment holes  
Touch pad  
NFC embedded touch pad2  
Press the bottom left of the touch pad to click.  
Connect to the  
Complete important  
Locate User Guide  
Sign in with  
SD memory card slot (SVP112)  
Microsoft account  
1 The shape of the built-in camera depends on the model.  
On selected models only.  
3 The battery off button is under the extended battery pack connector cover.  
Connect to the Internet to automatically  
activate Windows.  
Perform Windows Update and  
An introductory version of the User Guide is  
available on your computer. To update to the  
complete version, connect to the Internet  
and follow the steps below.  
To download and use apps from Windows  
Store, you need to use a Microsoft account  
instead of a local account. You can create a  
Microsoft account by following the steps  
VAIO Update  
Open the charms by pointing to the top  
right corner of the screen, then move the  
Click the  
Settings, then search Windows Update.  
Click the Search charm and Apps,  
then search VAIO Update.  
Search charm and  
Care and Handling Tips  
pointer down and click the  
Open the charms by pointing to the top  
right corner of the screen, then move the  
Open the charms by pointing to the top  
right corner of the screen, then move the  
Computer Handling  
Liquid Damage  
(the network icon).  
Create your Recovery Media  
pointer down and click the  
pointer down and click the  
Please read this manual and  
Safety Regulations carefully  
before using the product.  
Keep them in a safe place.  
Select the desired network (SSID) and click  
Press the ASSIST button to start  
VAIO Care, then click Advanced Tools.  
Click Apps, enter “VAIO Manual” in the  
search box, and then click the icon.  
The User Guide appears.  
Click Change PC settings, Users, and  
Switch to a Microsoft account.  
Recovery Media are not supplied with  
your computer. Refer to the supplied  
Recovery, Backup and Troubleshooting  
Guide before creating the Recovery  
HDD Care  
For details on the security key and other  
settings, refer to the manual of the network  
device or the information from your Internet  
service provider.  
If your computer is equipped with a built-in  
hard disk drive, avoid moving the computer  
when it is turned on, is in the process of  
powering on, or is shutting down.  
Close the User Guide, and after a while,  
open again by following the same steps.  
The complete version will be available.  
Follow the on-screen instructions.  
Support websites  
When app updates are available, a number  
appears on the Store tile on the Start  
screen. Click the tile to start Store and  
update Windows Store apps. (USA) (Canada: English) (Canada: French)  
On the wireless router supplied models,  
you can connect your computer to the  
Internet with a LAN cable. Refer to the  
manual of the wireless router for detailed  
Register your computer  
Be sure to use VAIO Update before updating.  
Press the ASSIST button to start VAIO  
Care, then click About your VAIO.  
Place your computer on hard surfaces such  
as a desk or table. Proper air circulation  
around vents is important to prevent  
(Latin American area)  
Personal Computer  
VAIO Pro 11/13 SVP112/SVP132  
Printed in China  
© 2013 Sony Corporation (Brazil)  

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