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Let’s get started  
Check supplied items  
Power on  
battery pack  
AC adapter  
3Click VAIOꢀUserꢀGuide.  
User Guide  
AC adapter  
Display/LAN adapter  
1Slide the battery LOCKswitch inward.  
Fit the battery pack into the battery  
Plug the power cord into the AC adapter and  
then into an AC outlet. Then plug the AC  
adapter cable into your computer.  
1Lift the LCD screen lid.  
Slide the power switch until the power  
indicator light turns on.  
1Click Start > HelpꢀandꢀSupport.  
Click UseꢀmyꢀVAIO.  
Power cord  
3Slide the battery pack toward the front of  
Spare pointing stick caps (2)  
the computer.  
Slide the battery LOCKswitch outward.  
On selected models only.  
Battery pack  
The illustrations in this document may appear  
different from your model.  
Noise canceling headphones  
with two sizes of extra earbuds)  
Be sure to connect the AC adapter to your computer  
when using it for the first few times to ensure the  
battery becomes fully charged.  
HelpꢀandꢀSupportis easy to access, and provides  
important documents and helpful support  
resources such as setup tools, tutorials, and FAQs.  
Your computer takes a few minutes for the  
first startup. No action is required until the  
setup window appears.  
What to do next  
You can restore the computer from the  
recovery discs (not supplied) or the recovery  
partition in case of a system failure.  
Use the SmartWi™ꢀConnectionꢀUtility  
manage wireless connections.  
StarttheInstantMode Care & Handling Tips  
To protect your investment and maximize its lifespan,  
we encourage you to follow these guidelines.  
Keep your computer updated by  
downloading updates from  
WindowsꢀUpdateand VAIOꢀUpdate, so that  
your computer can run more efficiently and  
With the InstantꢀMode, you can play music  
and videos or access the Internet without  
launching the Windows operating system.  
LCD Handling  
Avoid placing heavy objects on top of your computer or  
exerting pressure on its lid when closed.  
VAIO Support Homepage (USA) (Canada) (Latin American area) (Brazil)  
Available on selected models only.  
Place your computer on hard surfaces, such as a desk or  
table. Proper air circulation around vents is important to  
reduce heat.  
Click Startꢀ , HelpꢀandꢀSupport,  
UseꢀmyꢀVAIO, and  
Click Startꢀ , AllꢀPrograms, and  
Press the XMB (Xross Media Bar) button  
while your computer is off or in  
Hibernate mode.  
HDD Care  
Avoid moving your computer while it is turned on or in  
the process of powering on or shutting down.  
AC Adapter  
Do not put stress on the AC adapter cable connected to  
your computer.  
Click Startꢀ , AllꢀPrograms,  
WindowsꢀUpdateꢀor VAIOꢀUpdate.  
See the help file included with the  
SmartWiꢀConnectionꢀUtilityfor more information.  
Liquid Damage  
Features and specifications may vary and are subject to change without notice.  
To create recovery discs, connect an external optical  
disc drive (not supplied).  
Prevent liquids from coming into contact with your  
See the InstantꢀModeꢀUserꢀGuideincluded with  
the software for more information.  
Your computer must be connected to the Internet to  
download the updates.  
Turn on the WIRELESSswitch on your computer  
before using the wireless function.  
-161-259-11(1) © 2009 Sony Corporation Printed in China  

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