User manual Sony VGN-TZ198N/RC

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VG N-TZ198N/ RC  
VAIO® TZ Se rie s No te b o o k PC  
Ultra -p orta b le , ultra -sle e k, ultra -p owe rful  
Sle e k, d ura b le a nd u3ltra -p o rta b le a t 2.65 lb s (with sta nd a rd b a tte ry)  
a nd le ss tha n 1" thin .  
Exq uisite ha nd c ra fte d Bord e a ux Re d finish a nd c a rb on-fib e r c a sing  
p rovid e s e nha nc e d d ura b ility, lig hte r we ig ht a nd a n e le g a nt look.  
1.1" WXGA wid e sc re e n d isp la y with XBRITE-HiColor™ LCD te c hnolog y  
d e live rs b rillia nt c olors a nd ra zor-sha rp d e ta il.  
Ge t up to 4 to 8.5 hours of sta nd a rd b a tte ry life for inc re a se d  
p rod uc tivity on-the -g o.  
Inc lud e s a n e le g a nt le a the r p rote c tion c a se tha t m a tc he s the sle e k  
look o6 f your TZ note b ook a nd a n e xte rna l DVD±R DL/ DVD±RW op tic a l  
d rive .  
Inte g ra te d wire le ss Wid e Are a Ne twork (WAN) te c hnolog y through  
Sp rint Mob ile Broa d b a nd se rvic e with EVDO Re vision A te c hnolog y for  
b la zing -fa st wire le ss a c c e ss b e yond LAN ne tworks a nd hotsp ots.  
Ne xt g e ne ra tion 802.11a / b / g / n wire le ss LAN te c hnolog y offe rs a  
m a ssive b oost in wire le ss c onne c tion sp e e d a nd ra ng e .  
Cutting -e d14g e m ob ile p e rform a nc e with a n Inte Core ™ 2 Duo  
p roc e ssor tha t p rovid e s the p owe r of a la rg e r PC in a n ultra -p orta b le  
form fa c tor.  
Fe a turing a 64GB Solid Sta te Drive (SSD) for ra p id b oot-up s, q uic ke r  
a p p lic a tion la unc he s a nd g re a te r d ura b ility. A 202 0GB Ha rd Drive is  
a lso inc lud e d to p rovid e a m p le room for stora g e .  
Built-in hig hly m inia turize d MOTION EYE® c a me ra b uilt into the ra zor-th1i6n  
LCD p a ne l for vid e o c onfe re nc ing with c olle a g ue s, frie nd s a nd fa m ily .  

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