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PowerBook (FireWire)  
Replacement Instructions  
Be sure to follow the instructions in this sheet carefully. Failure to follow  
these instructions could result in damage to your equipment and may void  
your warranty.  
Replacing the keyboard requires five basic steps:  
Turn off the computer.  
Open the computer.  
Remove the installed keyboard.  
Install the replacement keyboard.  
Close the computer.  
Note: A video version of the replacement instructions is available at  
Tools Required  
The only tool required for this procedure is a jeweler’s flat-blade  
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)  
Static electricity, a normal and natural phenomenon, builds up on your body  
as you walk around.You experience an electrostatic discharge (ESD) when  
you touch an object and feel a spark. ESD can cause damage to the  
internal components of your computer. Avoid walking around while  
performing this procedure, and follow the instructions carefully when you  
are asked to discharge static electricity.  

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