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When Using Your Computer  
Observe the following safe-handling guidelines to prevent damage to your computer:  
When setting up the computer for work, place it on a level surface.  
When traveling, do not check the computer as baggage. You can put your computer  
through an X-ray security machine, but never put your computer through a metal  
detector. If you have the computer checked by hand, be sure to have a charged battery  
available in case you are asked to turn on the computer.  
When traveling with the hard drive removed from the computer, wrap the drive in a  
nonconducting material, such as cloth or paper. If you have the drive checked by hand, be  
ready to install the drive in the computer. You can put the hard drive through an X-ray  
security machine, but never put the drive through a metal detector.  
When traveling, do not place the computer in overhead storage compartments where it  
could slide around. Do not drop your computer or subject it to other mechanical shocks.  
Protect your computer, battery, and hard drive from environmental hazards such as dirt,  
dust, food, liquids, temperature extremes, and overexposure to sunlight.  
When you move your computer between environments with very different temperature  
and/or humidity ranges, condensation may form on or within the computer. To avoid  
damaging the computer, allow sufficient time for the moisture to evaporate before using  
the computer.  
NOTICE: When taking the computer from low-temperature conditions into a warmer environment  
or from high-temperature conditions into a cooler environment, allow the computer to acclimate to  
room temperature before turning on power.  
When you disconnect a cable, pull on its connector or on its strain-relief loop, not on the  
cable itself. As you pull out the connector, keep it evenly aligned to avoid bending any  
connector pins. Also, before you connect a cable make sure both connectors are correctly  
oriented and aligned.  
Handle components with care. Hold a component such as a memory module by its edges,  
not its pins.  
When preparing to remove a memory module from the system board or disconnect a  
device from the computer, turn off the computer, remove any battery installed in the  
battery bay or module bay, disconnect the AC adapter cable, and then wait 5 seconds  
before proceeding to help avoid possible damage to the system board.  

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