User manual Dell Inspiron PP09L

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thermal cooling assembly  
troubleshooting (continued)  
printer problems, 85  
program crash, 88  
removing, 129  
warranty, 171  
touch pad, 62  
customizing, 63  
description, 23  
system view, 23  
Windows XP  
program stopped  
Device Driver Rollback, 94  
enabling display settings for a  
TV, 43  
responding, 88  
scanner problems, 81  
speaker problems, 90  
touch pad problems, 84  
unexpected characters, 84  
video and display problems, 79  
track stick, 62  
description, 23  
system view, 23  
Hardware Troubleshooter, 96  
Help and Support Center, 19  
technology, 47  
reinstalling, 98  
blue screen, 88  
connecting, 35  
enabling display settings in  
Windows XP, 43  
System Restore, 97  
cannot save to floppy disk, 81  
CD drive problems, 90  
CD problems, 89  
wireless network  
changing security settings, 70  
connecting to, 67  
type, 66  
Dell Diagnostics, 75  
Device Driver Rollback, 94  
DVD problems, 89  
e-mail problems, 86  
external keyboard  
USB connectors  
description, 28  
system view, 28  
problems, 82  
hard drive problems, 81  
hardware and software  
conflicts, 96  
Hardware Troubleshooter, 96  
Help and Support Center, 19  
Internet connection  
problems, 86  
video connector  
description, 28  
system view, 28  
volume control buttons  
description, 23  
modem problems, 86  
mouse problems, 84  
network problems, 87  
PC Card problems, 82  
power problems, 83  
system view, 23  

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