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video resolution — See resolution.  
WWAN — wireless wide area network. A wireless high-  
speed data network using cellular technology and covering  
a much larger geographic area than WLAN.  
virus — A program that is designed to inconvenience you  
or to destroy data stored on your computer. A virus  
program moves from one computer to another through an  
infected disk, software downloaded from the Internet, or  
e-mail attachments. When an infected program starts, its  
embedded virus also starts.  
WXGA — wide-aspect extended graphics array — A video  
standard for video cards and controllers that supports  
resolutions up to 1280 x 800."  
A common type of virus is a boot virus, which is stored in  
the boot sectors of a floppy disk. If the floppy disk is left in  
the drive when the computer is shut down and then  
turned on, the computer is infected when it reads the  
boot sectors of the floppy disk expecting to find the  
operating system. If the computer is infected, the boot  
virus may replicate itself onto all the floppy disks that are  
read or written in that computer until the virus is  
XGA — extended graphics array — A video standard for  
video cards and controllers that supports resolutions up to  
1024 x 768.  
ZIF — zero insertion force — A type of socket or  
connector that allows a computer chip to be installed or  
removed with no stress applied to either the chip or its  
V — volt — The measurement of electric potential or  
electromotive force. One V appears across a resistance of 1  
ohm when a current of 1 ampere flows through that  
Zip — A popular data compression format. Files that have  
been compressed with the Zip format are called Zip files  
and usually have a filename extension A special  
kind of zipped file is a self-extracting file, which has a  
filename extension of .exe. You can unzip a self-extracting  
file by double-clicking it.  
W — watt — The measurement of electrical power. One  
W is 1 ampere of current flowing at 1 volt.  
WHr — watt-hour — A unit of measure commonly used  
to indicate the approximate capacity of a battery. For  
example, a 66-WHr battery can supply 66 W of power for  
Zip drive — A high-capacity floppy drive developed by  
Iomega Corporation that uses 3.5-inch removable disks  
called Zip disks. Zip disks are slightly larger than regular  
floppy disks, about twice as thick, and hold up to 100 MB  
of data.  
hour or 33 W for 2 hours.  
wallpaper — The background pattern or picture on the  
Windows desktop. Change your wallpaper through the  
Windows Control Panel. You can also scan in your favorite  
picture and make it wallpaper.  
WLAN — wireless local area network. A series of  
interconnected computers that communicate with each  
other over the air waves using access points or wireless  
routers to provide Internet access.  
write-protected — Files or media that cannot be changed.  
Use write-protection when you want to protect data from  
being changed or destroyed. To write-protect a 3.5-inch  
floppy disk, slide its write-protect tab to the open  

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