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Prefa ce  
This guide is intended for anyone who wants to upgrade or troubleshoot a Dell  
PowerEdge 1550 or Dell PowerApp 120 system. Before calling Dell for technical assis-  
tance, follow the recommended procedure(s) in this guide to solve most hardware  
and software problems yourself.  
Chapter 1, “Introduction” — Overview of the system's service features.  
Chapter 2, “Checking the Basics”— Initial checks and procedures used to solve  
basic system problems and information on more detailed troubleshooting proce-  
dures to solve more complex problems.  
Chapter 3, “Messages and Codes” — System messages, system beep codes,  
warning messages, diagnostics messages, alert log messages, and small com-  
puter system interface (SCSI) hard-disk drive indicator codes.  
Chapter 4, “Finding Software Solutions” — Software-related problems or prob-  
lems after testing the system's hardware.  
Chapter 5, “Running the Dell Diagnostics” — Hardware-related problems.  
Chapter 6, “Checking the Equipment,” and Chapter 7, “Checking Inside the Com-  
puter” — Troubleshooting procedures for equipment connected to the input/  
output (I/O) panel of the system and components inside the system, respectively.  
Checking Inside the Computer” also provides information on removing the com-  
puter cover.  
Chapter 8, “Installing System Board Options”—Installation or removal of system  
components, such as memory modules, microprocessors, expansion cards, and  
SCSI devices.  
Chapter 9, “Installing Hard-Disk Drives” — Installation or removal of hard-disk  
drives, CD-ROM drive, and diskette drive.  
Chapter 10, “Getting Help” — Help tools Dell provides to assist with system  
problems and explanations on how and when to call Dell for technical assistance.  
Appendix A, “Jumpers and Connectors” — Jumper settings to change when  
troubleshooting the system or adding internal options. Figures and tables  
describing the system board and SCSI backplane board connectors.  
“Abbreviations and Acronyms”— Abbreviations and acronyms used throughout  
this guide and in other Dell documentation for the system.  

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