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C H A P T E R  
Delta Guide to the PowerBook 2400c Computer  
Figure 1-2  
Back view of the computer  
Sleep indicatorꢀ  
Apple Desktop Busꢀ  
(ADB) port  
Sound out port  
Sound in port  
Power adapter port  
modem port  
Infrared window  
Reset button  
PC Card eject holes  
External floppyꢀ  
disk drive port  
External monitor portꢀ  
(VGA-style connector)  
SCSI port (HDI-30)  
Two PC Cardꢀ  
(PCMCIA card) slots  
The Two Models  
There are two models of the Macintosh PowerBook 2400c, one for sale in Japan and one  
for the US. The model sold in Japan is slightly different from the model sold in the US.  
Table 1-1 lists the differences.  
Table 1-1  
Model differences  
Model sold in Japan  
Model sold in US  
Has Hiragana and Roman  
Has the Caps Lock Key  
above the Control key  
has the Caps Lock key  
below the Control key  
Mac OS  
Uses System 7.6  
Uses System 7.6.1  
The Two Models  

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